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BOOTLEGS LIST with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

PostPosted: Sun Oct 27, 2013 7:03 pm
by Hermesacat

Recent Updates:

March 26, 2019, added:
-Mazzy Star - 2019-02-26 L.A., Immanuel Presbyterian Church (Cathedral Sanctuary)
Good quality phone recording recorded in stereo in M4A (ACC) format. Thanks go to fB group member
Christi Tay for sharing her recording with us. I've upped it in two different formats.
MP3 here: ...
M4A (AAC) here: ... . See page 14 in this same thread for tracks and info.

March 26, 2019:
A notification that the many bad links that were in the Mazzy Star section, have, I believe, by now all been
replaced with new, working links. I still need to reupload many recordings and replace bad links in the other sections though. They'll all get done eventually.

March 26, 2019:
Here are download links for the two 2018 Australian radio Mazzy Star interviews Hope and David did. Earlier, I posted about them in the 2018-2019 Interviews thread on this site. I also have them on my Hermesacat youtube channel. But download links for them are new

-Mazzy Star - 2018-June 12, Mazzy Star Interv. Double J Radio, Australia!mFNTwQYI!8Cqa4I1KD5lJ ... G-85XZrdVM
Separate audio files in two different formats are included; M4A (AAC) an MP3 + text trancript + photos.

-Mazzy Star - 2018-June 12, Mazzy Star Interv. ABC Melbourne, Australia!eMVVjSbD!Ov0M_yw_kZt7 ... hhiHG7nRoc
Separate audio files in two different formats are included; M4A (AAC) an MP3 + text trancript + photos.

March 14, 2019:
Added: Mazzy Star 2019-02-24, Oakland, CA: ...
Excellent quality audio recording. Thanks go to Dimeadozen site members Zongo for attending and recording this show, and to kneesfudd for his EQ work on it and sharing it via Dimeadozen site. See page 14 in this thread for tracks and info.

FEB. 23, 2019:
Download links for MAZZY STAR'S 2018, June 11 SYDNEY show were posted in this thread earlier. I've made new audio files of the show becaue one song, "Fade Into You" needed audio repair. The slightly improved version of the show can be DL-ed in AAC/M4A format, here: ...
Or, in MP3 format. here: ...
I also have the newly repaired version on my Hermesacat yt channel with a new slide show with 40+ photos from the June 11, 2018 show, here:

FEB. 4, 2019:
An update re. my project of replacing all uploads that had been upped to 4shared file hosting
site. all 4shared links are now dead. I'm slowly replacing them with new uploads, mostly to mega file hosting site. There are an awful lot that need replacing, so it's taking me a while. Most of the Mazzy Star recordings now have good (mega site) links again, as of today. I'll continue replacing all (now useless) 4shared links.

Jan. 21, 2019, added:
Mazzy Star - 1990-08-14, Cleveland, Babylon A Go Go club (RE-UPPED, IMPROVED version) ...
FB fan group member Ray Sferra attended and taped this Cleveland show and shared it in 2017.
"kneesfudd" used his advanced audio software and skills to remaster this recording in an improved version. This one will replace the prior version I shared here in 2017. This recording has 4 unreleased songs on it, including one I've tentatively dubbed "It's Over" which appears to be a unique rarity as it's the only recording I know of of this song. See page 14 in this thread for tracks and info.

Jan. 10, 2019, added:
Mazzy Star, 1994, April 9, Los Angeles, CA, The Palace ...
See p. 13 in this same thread for tracks and info.

Jan. 10, 2018 added:
Mazzy Star - 1996-11-22, Copenhagen, Denmark ...
Thanks go to dimadozen site member willer for sharing this recording there. See pg. 13 in this same thread for tracks and info.

[Jan. 10, 2018 - still working to replace all shows that had been upped to 4Shared file hosting and listed here.
I have almost all Mazzy shows re-upped to a new site (Mega). I'll post those here all at once when i'm done. Then I'll start working on re-upping warm Inventions ones, etc.]

Dec. 8, 2018 added;
Mazzy Star, 2018, Nov. 1, Ventura, CA. I've made two different uploads of this show available. They are both in M4A (AAC) format. One is audio files + photos, here:
The other is audio files + photos + video clips from Instagram and Facebook, here: ... 2C%20CA.7z
Thanks go to FB fan Group member Menghan Wang for sharing her phone recording of this show she attended. [See p. 13 in this same thread for tracks and info]

Dec. 8, 2018
WARNING: AVOID trying to DOWNLOAD any bootlegs listed below where the file hosting site is 4 SHARED.
The 4 shared site has changed for the definite worse and an attempt is made to install malware (adware type) when you try to DL the music files. Boots listed below with all other hosting sites, e.h. Mega, File Factory, Google Drive, and Dropfile, are safe to DL. Just avoid any that show 4 SHARED as file hosting site. I will replace all those 4 shared links with new safe links ASAP, but it may take a week or two to complete, as there are quite a few of them to re-up. [later edit: I deleted all 4shared files from my 4 Shared account, then deleted the account itself, so the files with their malware threat should no longer be downloadable now]
Aug. 13, 2018, added:
-Mazzy Star, 2012, April 6, Petaluma, CA, Mystic Theatre!3YFGWSSD!A0NXf7T2DAOx ... tfoQqxfzKY
An improved, alternate audio-source recording of this show I acquired thanks to hanwaker alerting me to it and sharing it with me in 2018. The prior version I had and shared starting in 2012 has poorer quality audio. This one's best. This show was the first show Mazzy Star played since 2000, twelve years previous. It was first show of their 2012 comeback tour, a short tour of California only. Later in 2012 the band played a European tour. This Mystic Theatre show is also the first gig pedal steel player Josh Yenne ever played with the band. And it's the only live recording I know of of the band playing the song "Spoon" live. See page 13 in this same thread for track listing and info.

July 4, 2018, added:
-Mazzy Star, 2018-06-11, Sydney, Australia.Vivid Sydney Festival. Uploaded in two different formats, AAC/M4A and MP3. Take your pick.
AAC: ...
MP3: ...
Thanks go to FB fan Group member David Cosgrove for recording the show on his phone and sharing his recording. See p. 13 of this thread for more info.


This boots list was originally findable in the Forum at now defunct fan site Mazzy Star Boulevard & was primarily maintained & updated there by myself & sorcerer. Emma has given the go-ahead to have a boots thread at Fans who possess recordings other than those listed here, or better quality alternate versions, hopefully may want to share them via download links posted in this thread &/or at popular live music sharing torrent site ''Worthwhile music's for sharing, not hoarding,'' isn't it?

And with luck, more fans attending upcoming live shows will be able to record shows & share recordings. One doesn't need to own or borrow a recorder. Some music or camera equipment supply places rent small hand-held audio (or video) digital recorders quite suitable for live music by the day such as the apparently popular Zoom brand (models H1, etc.) audio recorders. I used a rented Zoom H1 to record Mazzy Star's 2013 Seattle show, & the sound turned out well.
I like to try to maintain audio quality of recordings by usually posting links in the best audio quality I know of,
lossless FLAC, whenever possible. But some people may prefer other formats for their own use.
There is a handy, easy to use, free audio format converter I like & would recommend called "Freemake Audio Converter" which converts audio files to what ever formats one prefers, & lets you choose the quality (bit rate) of MP3s including the 320kbps, the highest MPS bit rate.

I found another free audio converter that converts FLAC to MP3, & you can choose the bit rate, including 320kbps. It's here: ... =directory
Options > Configure Selected Encoder > Lame MP3 encoder configuration > Select CBR (Constant Bit Rate) >
Set Bitrate using slider. Sliding to far right gives 320kbps > OK

Each section's shows below are listed in more or less chronological order from earliest to later dates.

--In total, over 60 links listed below are, as of Oct. 2013, brand new ones (although most of the files are not new). Two of the file hosting sites I've been using, &, started a new policy where
files are automatically deleted if not DL-ed within 90 days. Many files had disappeared & needed to
be re-upped, plus some others needed updating, plus the links sorcerer had posted on the old list were all dead (perhaps deleted by file hosting sites after 90 days), & needed re-upping.

Some of these files were originally posted in various early threads at the Mazzy Star Boulevard fan forum
by helpful Forum members such as reimdon, captainkirk, sorcerer, webmaster Anders, homeostasis,
& other helpful folks. Most files here were found by searching online. Popular live music (torrent) sharing site site has been a great source, & thanks go to the many generous Dime uploaders. Other files were kindly passed along by fans. Collector/taper Scott Simpson has generously shared many 1990s Mazzy Star shows he recorded himself or received in trade. And we are indebted to hanwaker (Uli) who generously provided files of so many shows and other recordings from his own collection in an effort to help improve this boots list as an archive. Thanks go to all sharers!

-Mazzy Star - 1990-08-08 - Live at Woody's NYC , FLAC:!GUUwFTaL!Jmgae6DzA5Wo ... Km9CfpR7jA
This is an improved version with superior audio quality, & is different from the prior FLAC version
that had been listed earlier.This one's a file taken from the orig. master tape of orig. taper Scott Simpson.
Also, I corrected an audio error audible in earlier versions (a brief loud noise burst on one channel during the first song).This show is well recorded & contains 4 rare (unreleased) songs: It's a Shame, When You Were Young (a.k.a. Now That You're Gone), Where Did You Run To, & (title unknown - ''Bad Dreams Smile?''). It also contains the only live version I know of Before I Sleep. Hope's unusually talkative at this show, & what she says is, intentionally or unintentionally, mostly hilarious.

-Mazzy Star - 1990-08-25 - Club Lingerie, Los Angeles, CA FLAC: Includes
several still unreleased rarity songs:!HIVWBQyZ!ND0atWJL4lEY ... rws9T6lASQ

-Mazzy Star - 1990-11-21 - Massey Hall, Toronto, FLAC.
Hope has an angry meltdown at this show, swears, & quits the stage mid-set (after 8 songs). Includes unreleased rarity song, When You Were Young.!DZVWVagD!30e6ajImjUv9 ... 7R8vw0FGQ8

Mazzy Star - 1990-08-14, Cleveland, Babylon A Go Go club (RE-UPPED, IMPROVED version) ...
FB fan group member Ray Sferra attended and taped this Cleveland show and shared it in 2017.
"kneesfudd" used his advanced audio software and skills to remaster this recording in an improved version. This one will replace the prior version I shared here in 2017. This recording has 4 unreleased songs on it, including one I've tentatively dubbed "It's Over" which appears to be a unique rarity as it's the only recording I know of of this song. See page 14 in this thread for tracks and info.

-Mazzy Star - 1993-10-05 - KCRW Radio session, David,Hope, & Will as a trio, acoustic set, , 3 songs + interv.:!eUNiSaSQ!t4HO5CeVL0n7 ... ugTnqY8ooU

-Mazzy Star -1993-10-?? - VPRO Dutch radio session, Amsterdam,
David, Hope, & Will as a trio (acoustic), 4 songs + interview FLAC: ... sp=sharing

-Mazzy Star 1993-10-21, Manchester, Students Union,University of Manchester.!CBFAVb7b!elJMPVVDmx0F ... DZcGf5gycY
Thanks go to Dime member whiskybob for this one.

-Mazzy Star - 1993-10-26 - The Black Sessions FLAC:
Paris radio broadcast. Professionally recorded, excellent show, & this is best recording I've heard of it. This recording replaces inferior prior versions of the same show previously listed in this thread. Many thanks to Forum member jamband for sharing a copy of his Sangatte Records CD.

-Mazzy Star - 1993-10-28 - Brussels, Belgium, FLAC:!zdM2yA6a!j4JxmrA_eKwp ... LvDWOH8NLs

-Mazzy Star - 1993-11-01 - Mean Fiddler, Harlesden, London, FLAC:!fRlk2S6S!ZPz9dr6xaqDd ... w9y8BHVdqk

-Mazzy Star - 1993-11-06 - Maxwell's NJ, from orig. master tape, FLAC!SElSTa7D!BM2XZdxBXYPG ... ZgqGcF0BJg
Another Scott Simpson recording. He used good quality recording gear.
There are a some audio problems in spots, but otherwise is well recorded & listenable.

Mazzy Star - 1993-11-14, Cleveland Heights, The Grog Shop ...
FB fan Group member Ray Sferra recorded this show in 1993 & posted about it in the FB Group.
I'm sharing it on his behalf. It's the second of two Mazzy shows from Ray that he recorded, the other was 1990, Cleveland.

-Mazzy Star - 1993-11-15, Chicago, Lounge Ax:!TUF1jKDL!zRFlSxzvp4dD ... j37iNFLHvs
Sorcerer noticed this show was missing & provided a new link. Good audio quality from a DAT master,
if you ignore the audiences chatterers. Thanks go to DIME member radiohead8989 for the original upload.

-Mazzy Star - 1993-11-22 - Santa Cruz FLAC:!qNsiySwS!VxIakIH2g-3Y ... W9SOle6VfA

-Mazzy Star - 1994-03-17 CBGBs, from orig. master tape from taper Scott Simpson,good quality, FLAC:!LJ0SjALQ!FVmyt9tE078p ... q7miUkGs0E
This show includes the earliest (& a very good) recording I've heard of the rarely performed "I'm Less Here," a song that stayed unreleleased until the band belatedly released a studio version as a single in 2014.

Mazzy Star, 1994, April 9, Los Angeles, CA, The Palace ...

-Mazzy Star - 1994-05-21 - Mercury Lounge NYC FLAC, Master tape:!2MM3UZJA!19eYF-h0diVg ... tYrdwKrx7w
The above file replaces, as of March 18, 2014, the prior version which was not as good quality audio.
This new listing's from an audio file kindly provided by original taper Scott Simpson's from his original master tape.

-Mazzy Star, 1994-06-17, Manchester, University of Manchester, FLAC:!acEGFCpQ!tB6OAGbE0quw ... XLctZusu_Q
Thanks to Dime uploader whiskybob for this one

-Mazzy Star - 1994-06-18 - Bristol, at The Fleece FLAC:!HUUCUZjA!5UW7OQI853_N ... 6zGyiiCICQ
Another from Dime uploader whiskybob

-Mazzy Star - 1994-06-22 - Antwerp, Belgium" FLAC:!mNkiAQ6T!-ov5yFCKQyCD ... dAXpS4HHNw
Good quality recording upped to the mega site by blogger at:
Info. about it with links was posted to the Forum here by Forum member botracer.
Note: to open this audio file after DL-ing one needs to type in the uploader's password which is " pyrolysebred "

-Mazzy Star - 1994-06-23, Paris, L'Arapaho venue FLAC!HJdwGS5C!Crz0XfUtSdih ... jIS4UJm7t0
A very good quality digital audio tape audience recording. This is a much improved version of this same show compared to the prior one listed in this boots list. From Scott Simpson's collection. New version added Dec. 8, 2015

-Mazzy Star - 1994-06-26, Berlin, Loft FLAC!PR1QQY4B!tI6ph_pP2IPS ... QYMy2URxD0
A good quality digital audio tape audience recording.From Scott Simpson's collection.

-Mazzy Star - 1994-07-28 London, The Garage, FLAC
full-band acoustic show. Includes unreleased rarity "It Speaks of Distance", plus "Lay Myself Down", a Mazzy song rarely performed in the '90s & released in 2011 on the band's comeback single, & on their 2013 album. FLAC:!GQcG2Coa!yQjn44pvAnYN ... JHs6oZdWf8
Dime member whiskybob shared it there in 2012.

--Mazzy Star - 1994-10-01, Mountain View, CA, Shoreline Amphitheatre,
Bridge School Benefit (audience recording) day one of two (Mazzy Star played a second set next day, Oct. 2 there is a pro-shot video of).!TMcjTbhT!xkGYoZo_0fNV ... -KC56W2S0M

-Mazzy Star - 1994-10-02, Mountain View, CA, Shoreline Amphitheatre,
Bridge School Benefit (audience recording, audio) day two of two (Mazzy Star played a ptior day's set Oct. 1.
See p. 10 in this thread for track listing and details of this show!DYd2AYwZ!VLnP2Y2gqnpl ... BvysA9xet4

-Mazzy Star - 1994-10-02 - VIDEO - Shoreline Amphitheatre, Bridge School Benefit. Professionally
shot video of Mazzy's 5 song set, which includes unreleased rarity
"Leaving On a Train" (a.k.a. "Let That Be"):!TFdXmKqJ!MA0Z8QqF4O8m ... Wf1SzOy0to

Mazzy Star 1994-10-21, NYC, The Academy:!HMtGRQQA!fSRZLQNAkTgV ... l-p79eOkP4
Another fine show from Scott Simpson's collection, one he received in
trade. A well recorded show. It contains what I believe is the only live version of the song "Wasted" I've ever heard. A well recorded show. I've also upped the song "Wasted" from this show to yt here: .

-Mazzy Star - 1994-10-26 - The Warehouse, Toronto, FLAC:!vN1VBI5T!yYnGhX0CnWJc ... woutHoVXXU

-Mazzy Star - 1994-10-28 - VIDEO of live TV performance of one song "Ride it On", Musique Plus TV
channel, Montreal. Site member "drugstore" shared his own copy of the video at his download link, here: ... lqQ3M/view

-Mazzy Star - 1994-11-12 - The Metro, Chicago, FM radio broadcast, FLAC:!DN011ALQ!tXWqcG-v6zzQ ... I4C9FVKLUk

Mazzy Star 1994-11-26, Hollywood, CA, Hollywood Palladium:!TM0FhBzC!q_GyPuYBNa1Q ... 9vt5T7XxTA
-Mostly very good sound quality. From Scott Simpson's collection.

-Mazzy Star - 1994-12-10 KROQ-FM radio broadcast, L.A. Full Band, 5 songs FLAC:!eV03XYra!Yr854VMc4E1N ... 4fM6YQnjfA
This is an improved version from the prior listed one. Dime site member hanwaker upped
it to Dime as a torrent. It comes from a better quality tape & hanwaker has repaired audio errors.

-Mazzy Star - Ghost Highway (Mazzy Star live 1994, 2 radio broadcasts), CD-rip of
FMIC label's May, 2015 release, in lossless FLAC format: ... broadcasts
Contains these two radio broadcasts: The Metro, Chicago, 12th November 1994 ,
& KROQ, Los Angeles, 10th December, 1994. Both those broadcasts have already been findable at this boots list
separately for some years. To my ears, the 2015 FMIC CD release has no better audio quality than the boots versions previously findable here. But you can judge for yourself. FMIC "label" is a bootlegger and their CD was not a legit or official release.

-Mazzy Star - 1996-7-11, Paris, Le Divan du Monde FLAC (new addition as of July 26, 2015)!rEtlzYgT!v629zbqQWHJ_ ... QHuSWVvEDY

Mazzy Star - 1996-10-31 BBC Radio session
4-songs, full band:!7AETnYpZ!P-0beGkkA33C ... 7a41jjPhbM
Updated version as of June 8, 2014. Good quality radio session. The prior file listed here of this same set had only three songs. This one restores the missing "Rhymes of an Hour," & includes an improved "Halah."

-Mazzy Star - 1996-11-06, pro-shot VIDEO, full band, performing one song
"Flowers in December" in a Dutch TV studio. Excellent quality.!GYsQkSDR!qtmgB7SVj03S ... EmHONlolCk
via A few youtubers have since upped this video to youtube. However,
the version my link is for has better audio quality than either of the yt ones I've checked out.
Those ones have standard mediocre yt audio quality of 128 kbps AAC. This one I found via Dime
has audio at 256 kbps per second. The original Dime upload was ffmpeg2 video with AC3 audio format (superior to MP3). This link above is for a conversion I made maintaining the same video and audio quality but in MP4 video format and M4A (AAC) 256 kbps audio (also superior to MP3 audio)

Mazzy Star - 1996-11-22, Copenhagen, Denmark ...
Thanks go to dimeadozen site member willer for sharing this recording there.

-Mazzy Star - 1996-12-01 Supper Club, NYC, (Master Tape) FLAC:!CdEkBCIA!E_XcDJOGE9bk ... PuXzEBIeNc
Another file taken from original taper Scott Simpson's master tape. with rare live1990s versions of "Take Everything" & "Cry, Cry". This show has already been findable at the list but by a different original taper than Scott (see below)

-Mazzy Star - 1996-12-01 NYC Supper Club, FLAC. Good quality DAT
recording. This version's an alternate one taped by an unknown taper (not Scott Simpson):!TEs1VKbT!UyA3J6sLl3NR ... VfWKsyZRSQ

-Mazzy Star - 1996-12-21, Slim's, San Francisco, FLAC:!XI9mBAQL!T7bJWYWETbFG ... 15M-0ZVvsw
Or from: ...

-Mazzy Star - 1997-03-23 - The Mint, LA, FLAC!7MVhlK7C!cM8i-D-fk0fc ... 5MVJRYltNA
This show includes three unreleased rarities: Leaving on a Train a.k.a. Let That Be,
Mona (a cover), & Rock Section (a cover). Plus rare live versions of some released songs such as Happy,
Tell Me Now, Five String Serenade, & Umbilical. For a period of weeks in 2013 the link listed here for the Mint show linked to a bad copy of the audio file. It was missing one song, "Rock Section". Anyone who DL-ed the show & are missing "Rock Section", the above is a new link for a restored file that includes Rock Section.
This is a good recording despite being somewhat marred by prevalent audience talkers.

-Mazzy Star - 2000-06-01, Oslo, Norway (includes 4 unreleased songs, FLAC
This short 2000 tour was unique as the band played so many unreleased songs.!WElGnKzB!Vv8lruId1lzP ... 4zDHzKI1Vo

-Mazzy Star - 2000-06-04, Copenhagen June 4, 14 songs (including 4 unreleased ones, & other seldom performed songs) FLAC: ...
Well recorded, & I've not heard a better live vocal performance from Hope.
With 4 rare (unreleased) songs! :When You Were Young a.k.a. Now That You're Gone, Leaving on a Train a.k.a. Let That Be, plus Plain Gold Ring, an unreleased cover. Sparrow, Does Someone Have Your Baby Now, and That Way Again are also performed. These three songs remained unreleased rarities until the band included studio versions of two of them on their 2013 album, Seasons of Your Day, plus a studio version of That Way Again on their 2018 "Still" e.p.

-Mazzy Star - The Other Side (B-side rarities+live tracks+misc.) compilation, 16-songs. In FLAC (as of April 30, 2014): ... sp=sharing
The prior version listed here was MP3. Thanks go to forum member hanwaker for the FLAC version.
A bootleg collection of 1990s B-sides from out-of-print singles of songs not included on albums, plus alternate versions of album songs.Plus well recorded live recordings from MTV broadcasts, plus a song from the Batman Forever soundtrack (Tell Me Now), & Hope's duet with JAMC (Sometimes Always). Includes these B-sides of non-album songs: Tell Your Honey, Under My Car, Hair & Skin, I'm Gonna Bake My Biscuit, & Had a Thought.

-Mazzy Star - 2012-04-06 The Mystic Theater, Petaluma CA, FLAC!3YFGWSSD!A0NXf7T2DAOx ... tfoQqxfzKY
An improved, alternate audio-source recording of this show I acquired thanks to hanwaker alerting me to it and sharing it with me in 2018. The prior version I had and shared starting in 2012 has poorer quality audio. This one's best. This show was the first show Mazzy Star played since 2000, twelve years previous.

-Mazzy Star - 2012-04-07 - Harlow's, Sacramento CA, FLAC:!GQdmhSKZ!hwV9iXA9hF_y ... naEkAZGaow

-Mazzy Star - 2012-04-11 - Regency Ballroom, San Francisco MP3!CJtTmIhZ!gsLhtZ78z1rg ... bT_vs-0rZ0
Thanks to Forum member creek for passing along this recording (not one of his own recordings).

-Mazzy Star - 2012-04-13 VIDEO Coachella Festival, Indio CA, .Coachella livestreamed the first weekend of the fest. A generous fan recorded Coachella's livestream video broadcast, uploaded it, & posted it at his tumblr site .
I've re-uploaded it here:!DVtVSSRb!N2Q7Ula6Lmpt ... 1QCqTt6PtA

-Mazzy Star - 2012-04-20 Coachella fest. wknd2, Indio CA, MP3:!OMdSxSLI!ed2UpiqEDpfY ... VSa20-rylY
Another recording provided by Mazzy Star Blvd. forum member ''creek''.

-Mazzy Star - 2012-05-31 Primavera Sound fest, Barcelona,Spain, Audio taken from pro-hot video livetream:!7QMQlKTY!ftMTmEuz_EcW ... eyAxQQhgF0

-Mazzy Star - 2012-05-31 Primavera Sound fest, Barcelona,Spain . VIDEO recording I made of the VIDEO feed livestreamed online: ... sp=sharing
Hope's singing is better at this Primavera fest VIDEO than in the Coachella VIDEO, imo.

-Mazzy Star - 2012-06-03 Shepherd's Bush Empire, London UK FLAC!WAcVhKYJ!JOb7SNwyOiLv ... QQPc8PPmWI

-Mazzy Star - 2012-07-15 Portugal, Optimus Fest, FLAC: ... sp=sharing

-Mazzy Star - 2012-08-06 Copenhagen, Denmark, FLAC!vNE1BCjR!VSVoiR-7weKj ... eZt6pQa1JA

-Mazzy Star - 2012-07-18, Zurich, Switzerland, FLAC: ... sp=sharing
Dime and Forum member member hanwaker recorded this show & upped it to the site which is where I found it.
(I can't resist mentioning an anecdote: hanwaker got to attend the post-show backstage gathering
where he met the band. He wasn't drinking with them as he was driving, so when he was leaving Hope
handed him a bottle of wine & told him to take it home. A welcome ''pleasant Hope'' story!)

-Mazzy Star - 2012-08-03, Poland, OFF festival, FLAC:!KBFXVAjQ!3Y5seWQvQPS8 ... 4JyrG0iZeQ

-(Imo, Hope's singing's better on every 2013 show I've heard so far than on any 2012 recording I've heard. Something seems to have ailed her voice in 2012, but thankfully in 2013 she's singing as well as in the 1990s.)

-Mazzy Star - 2013-08-02, INTERVIEW recording with Hope & David, by interviewer Sylvain Fesson:!3M1kGKZQ!9XeZxuGFZHj3 ... yHYn94EWio
A 50+ minute long interview audio file in MP3 format, (+ text). Sylvain posted the interview in French text at his
interview site, here: & has generously shared his audio file to be shared in this fan forum.
(Btw, Sylvain is lyricist/vocalist in a worthwhile musical project he's involved with. You can hear six of his songs at Soundcloud here: ).
I've also upped the interview to youtube, here:

-Mazzy Star - 2013-11-04, Seattle, WA, Neptune Theater, FLAC:!CFcU1aJT!v-ZV7hxG9J-8 ... WngzvkFLwU
My own recording of a show I attended. A few songs have sound issues (my fault), but most have very good quality. & Hope's voice is in fine form.

-Mazzy Star - 2013-11-06, San Francisco, Warfield Theater, FLAC:!yQE1lQJI!OZH2KDeUambF ... 6ec1lcuaAQ
Good quality, though it has too much low end on Hope's voice, imo. Some EQ adjustments can improve the sound. Same 13 songs as Seattle.

-Mazzy Star - 2013-11-07, Los Angeles, The Wiltern Theatre (AAC converted to FLAC) ... sp=sharing
This is audio taken from a youtube upload of the show by youtuber z shad. z shad's recording is missing the very end of the show, i.e. the end of the last song. So I added on the show's ending taken from Forum member creek's recording of the L.A. show.

-Mazzy Star - 2013-11-13, Chicago, Vic Theatre, FLAC:!aYNDBToT!yg-VK492vlI- ... MPgNZplRuk
Very good quality recording from Dime uploader radiohead898, 15 songs.

-Mazzy Star - 2013-11-19, Boston, Paradise Rock Club, FLAC!rMcj3TQA!OCzujjVfUzZC ... JFTewV15k8
Thanks go to Forum member jamband for sharing his recording. Note this recording has audio
drop-outs (silent gaps that have been edited out) on half the songs. Plus the last song of the encore did
not get recorded. Aside from those issues, it sounds pretty good.

-Mazzy Star - 2013-11-20, NYC, Terminal 5, FLAC:!fRtFTKDb!T2Cyx-V1Mx1x ... oMxTrFP5N0
(Thanks go to Forum member Yaz_Rock for his recording & DL link for this show).
Very good quality.

-Mazzy Star - 2013-11-22, Philadelphia, PA, Union Transfer, FLAC!yccwCS4Y!B34srsL1GLkb ... ldX0u-J-Do
(this came from a Dime upload. Thanks to Dime member larrysellers for it)
The Philly show is marred in places by loud talkers speaking during songs.

-Mazzy Star - 2013-11-23, Silver Spring, MD, FLAC:!HIVxmCwY!7jbZwMytFwLa ... SOBSM3-7lc
A good quality recording from Dime member "emmanuel". This show was last date of the band's
15-date Nov., 2013 tour.

-Mazzy Star - 2013-11-25, TV performance VIDEO (& audio), Late Night With Jimmy Fallon show. The band performed one song, "California". Here's a clip of just Mazzy's performance on Fallon in HD quality. It came from a posting by DIME member etherman:!fdkTyAbD!pEzrXNHGN0cU ... yHOwi5Hq34

Mazzy Star - 2017-11-30, San Francisco, Terra Gallery, Full set, 4 songs ...
Mazzy Star played a rare one-off live set for a benefit for Esperanza Clinic
Excellent quality recording by Dime member Zongo, prepared & upped there by Kneesfudd.

-Mazzy Star, 2018-06-11, Sydney, Australia.Vivid Sydney Festival. Uploaded in two different formats, AAC/M4A and MP3. Take your pick.
AAC: ...
MP3: ...

-Mazzy Star - 2018-June 12, Mazzy Star Interv. with Hope and David, ABC Melbourne, Australia, with host Myf Warhurst!eMVVjSbD!Ov0M_yw_kZt7 ... hhiHG7nRoc

-Mazzy Star - 2018-June 12, Mazzy Star Interv. with Hope and David, Double J Radio, Australia, with host Karen Leng (second of two Australian radio interviews Hope and David did on the same day)!mFNTwQYI!8Cqa4I1KD5lJ ... G-85XZrdVM
[you can alo find both the above interviews at my Hermesacat youtube channel]

Dec. 8, 2018 added;
Mazzy Star, 2018, Nov. 1, Ventura, CA. I've made two different uploads of this show available. They are both in M4A (AAC) format. One is audio files + photos, here:
The other is audio files + photos + video clips from Instagram and Facebook, here: ... 2C%20CA.7z
Thanks go to FB fan Group member Menghan Wang for sharing her phone recording of this show she attended. [See p. 13 in this same thread for tracks and info]

-Mazzy Star 2019-02-24, Oakland, CA, Oakland Fox Theater ...
Excellent quality audio recording. Thanks go to Dimeadozen site members Zongo for attending and recording this show, and to kneesfudd for his EQ work on it and for his sharing it via Dimeadozen site. See page 14 in this thread for tracks and info.

-Mazzy Star - 2019-02-26 L.A., Immanuel Presbyterian Church (Cathedral Sanctuary)
Good quality phone recording recorded in stereo in M4A (ACC) format. Thanks go to fB group member
Christi Tay for sharing her recording with us. I've upped it in two different formats.
MP3 here: ...
M4A (AAC) here: ... . See page 14 in this same thread for tracks and info.

Mazzy Star, Compilation "ALBUM" - TEN NEVER RELEASED SONGS taken from live show bootleg recordings (updated): ...
This upload will replace my earlier such compilation. It adds a "new" old song I've tentatively titled "It's Over"
that turned up in a 1990 Cleveland show show. It uses a different version of "Rock Section," and removes "I'm Less Here," as that song ended up getting officially released in a studio version as a 2014 single. The prior compilation left in too many long sections of between-song crowd noise that have been edited out this time.
See p. 13 in this same thread for tracks and more info.


Mar. 27, 2016. Two out-of-print Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions E.P.s added:
-At The Doorway Again (2000): ...
-& Suzanne (2002):!PcVAxC4L!7JKsi0p0VZPL ... 9SY2LlK5fg
-Hope S. & the Warm Inventions 2002-08-14, El Rey Theater,Hollywood CA, FLAC
A well recorded show. Contains unreleased songs Louise (Acetone cover), Play With Fire (Rolling Stones cover), & Silver & Gold (likely a Hope original). Thanks go to youtuber & forum member opalstardream (David Morgan) for providing a new lossless FLAC version taken from his bootleg CD of the show, as of Aug. 3, 2015. It replaces the prior MP3 version ... sp=sharing

-Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions - 2002-08-21- Lee's Palace, Toronto,. FLAC ... sp=sharing
The sound quality's good for the first half or less of the show. Then Hope asks sound technicians to raise the volume in the house to drown out sound of audience chattering irritating her. Unfortunately, the sound becomes
a bit distorted once the volume's turned up.

-Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions - 2002-08-23 - Boston MA, Paradise Rock Club, FLAC ... sp=sharing
A unique show as Hope faces unusual hostility from Boston audience members who swear at her, tell her to ''go home'', etc.,after Hope complains about too much audience chattering and about sound problems.
There's a lot of back-&-forth between Hope & the audience. Sample Hope quote: ''Boston is fuckin' scaring the Hell out of us!'' Aside from the few cringe-worthy back & forth talk sections, and a few sound issues, it's a good quality, very listenable music recording.

-Hope S. & The Warm Inventions - 2002-09-04, Hamburg, MP3: ... sp=sharing

This show contains several rarities: an unreleased apparent Hope original "Silver & Gold",plus two fine unreleased covers, "Play with Fire"(The Rolling Stones), & "Louise" (Acetone):

-Hope S. & The Warm Inventions - 9-12-2002 - Paris, , MP3
This show also contains several rarities: an unreleased apparent Hope original "Silver & Gold",
plus two fine unreleased covers, "Play with Fire" ( The Rolling Stones),
& "Louise" (Acetone). ... s_MP3.html

-Hope S. & The Warm Inventions - 2009-09-26 - The Filmore, San Francisco , MP3: ... _Film.html
Hope is unusually talkative playing to her home town audience.

-Hope S. & The Warm Inventions, 2009-09-29, Heaven Forever Cemetary, L.A., MP3: ... sp=sharing
Another file recorded & shared by ''creek''.

-Hope S. & The Warm Inventions - 2009-10-02 - The Mayan, L.A. 2, MP3: ... sp=sharing
Or from:

-Hope S. & The Warm Inventions - 2009-10-12 - The Bowery Ballroom, NYC, FLAC ... ry_NY.html
(many thanks to Forum member Yaz_Rock for sharing his file & DL link)

-Hope S. & The Warm Inventions - 2009-10-04 -Milwaukee, & 2009-10-05,Chicago.
Two 2009 shows together at one DL link in 5 parts: (both shows in FLAC):
(someone else's uploads. Link still works last time checked)

-Hope S. & The Warm Inventions - 2009-10-19 - Dallas (FLAC) ... entio.html

-Hope S. & The Warm Inventions - 2009-10-31- Vicar Street, Dublin FLAC: ... t_Dub.html

-Hope S. & The Warm Inventions - 2009-11-09, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, MP3: ... he_Qu.html

-Hope S. & The Warm Inventions - 2010-05-24 - London , Bush Hall (FLAC): ... sp=sharing
Includes Hope singing Syd Barrett cover ''Golden Hair'' which she also released a studio version of
as a single in 2010. Her recording also appeared on a Syd tribute compilation.

Hope Sandoval and The Warm Inventions - 2017-10-08, Sonoma, CA, Gundlach Bundschu Winery, FLAC ...
First show of the HS&TWI Oct., 2017 tour. Thanks got to member "muchmusic" for recording and sharing this show there.

-Hope Sandoval and The Warm Inventions - 2017, October 11, Seattle, Neptune Theatre
I attended this show and this is my own recording: ...

--Hope Sandoval and The Warm Inventions - 2017, Oct. 18, Philadelphia, Theatre of Living Arts ...
Very good quality recording site member Yaz_Rock recorded and shared.

-Hope Sandoval and The Warm Inventions - 2017, Oct. 18, Berkeley, UC Theatre (MP3 @256kbps, same
audio quality as the source file): ...
Recorded on his phone by youtuber Tom Scanlan who sent his recording to me to share on his behalf. See p. 12 of this thread for tracks and info. It sounds good.This is the show that has guest musician Michael Masley playing on stage with the band on the song "Into The Trees." Masley played on the album version of the song.

-Hope Sandoval and The Warm Inventions, Live, L.A., 2017-10-14, FULL SHOW, 15 SONGS, Fonda Theatre, RE-UPPED, IMPROVED version. ...
A slightly improved new version of the L.A. show replacing the one previously uploaded. This one adds three on-stage speaking segments from Hope that were missing from the prior upload. Another fan, Kevin, recorded the L.A. show and shared his recording with me. From his recording I've used just the three short speaking segments that had been missing, and added them to the audio.

Hope Sandoval and The Warm Inventions - 2017-10-15 VIDEO Joshua Tree, Desert Daze Fest,
(likely) Full Set, 8 songs. ...

-Hope Sandoval and The Warm Inventions - 2017-10-21, BOSTON, FULL SHOW, 12 SONGS, Royale Boston. ...
Recorded by Mark Blair of the FB fan Group ("jamband" at this site).

-Hope Sandoval and The Warm Inventions - 2017-10-24, WFUV, NYC radio studio 3-song live performance + Interview: ... . Recorded from WFUV's site's audio stream. The only live radio or TV studio performance I know of of HS&TWI.

-Hope Sandoval Compilation "ALBUM" of 8 SONGS that were NEVER RELEASED by Hope in studio versions. ...
These recordings I assembled from from live show bootleg audio. Six of the eight unreleased songs are
performances by Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions. Two are of Hope guest singing with Acetone
at a 2017 Acetone reunion show. See page 13 in this same thread for track list and info.

-Hope Sandoval with Acetone, 2017-11-15, L.A., Zebulon Cafe
Hope sang a set of 3 Acetone songs at this Acetone reunion show. See page 13 in this same thread for more info. Two uploads: One of the entire 1.5 hr. show, including Hope's 23 minute set here: ...
The second upload is of Hope's set alone, but the folder also includes video clips from the show shot by fans and posted to Instagram: ...

-Hope Sandoval with Acetone, 2017-11-15, L.A., Zebulon Cafe, VIDEO ...
Hope sang a set of 3 Acetone songs at this Acetone reunion show. Earlier, I posted links
here for the audio of this show (+ separate short video clips). But this is the video version I upped to youtube
with audio of the whole show but incorporating 9 short live video clips from the show synched to the audio. Plus there's one full-song video for one song. Where video wasn't available, still photos from the show and elsewhere are used. I believe the audio quality of this original is better than yt delivers. See p. 13 in this thread for more song listing and more info.

Paradise Circus/Four Walls, mixes by Burial of two song collaborations of Massive Attack with Hope Sandoval ...
A limited edition 2-song vinyl release of 1,000 numbered copies was released October 2011.
These digital recordings come from lossless .wav files Massive Attack once made available via their official site (now out-of-print, I believe). I converted the .wav files to lossless FLAC files. See page 13 in this thread for more info.

-Opal (w. Hope Sandoval) - 1987-12-14, Victoria, BC, Harpo's Cabaret ... andoval%20).zip
This shown recently turned up at popular live show torrent sharing site Thanks go to DIME member kneesfudd fro sharing. For collectors, it's a very interesting show as it's a rare early recording of Hope singing with Opal in North America shortly after she joined the band, replacing prior singer Kendra Smith. It's the only Opal-with-Hope show from 1987 I've yet heard. The only others I know of are all from Opal's March-April 1988 European tour. So, this one's a rare find. It's the earliest live show recording I've heard of Hope with Opal. The band changed its name to Mazzy Star in 1989. See p. 10 of tis thread for track listing & details.

-Opal (w.Hope) - Rome, 1988-03-23 FLAC:!mA8BxDwD!N6Dk5HcEclju ... JWYB0UIFNY

-Opal (with Hope) - 1988-03-24 - Mezzago,Italy, FLAC:!zdkUVaLQ!InIjA0JbLwuW ... WWf9qTamWQ

-Opal - 1988-03-30 - Vienna, Austria (repaired version) FLAC: ... d_FLAC_zip
OR here: ... w_Hop.html
The file previously listed here played so slow (flat) it didn't even sound like Hope singing.
In Oct. 2013 it was replaced with this repaired version. I repaired the speed problem using Audacity free
software by increasing the speed +9.7% which makes it much more listenable,
with Hope sounding like herself & the band sounding more in tune. It has nice, clear vocals,
plus some rare & worthwhile cover versions of songs.

-Opal (w.Hope) - 1988-04-04 - Nürnberg (Nuremberg), Germany FLAC!2VlylQZY!hDis1BQ1Ti8j ... wxwWYw0S3k

-Opal (with Hope) - 1988-04-05 -Meunchen (Munich FLAC: ... sp=sharing

-Opal (with Hope) - 1988-04-06 - Stuttgart FLAC:!jE8mDS6Q!zVtwUOw2EC1- ... hkU8sg87ug

-Opal (with Hope) - 1988-04-09 - Hamburg FLAC: ... _logo.html
from hanwaker's DIME upload

-Opal (with Hope) - 1988-04-12 - Berlin FLAC: ... _FLAC.html

-Opal VIDEO (with Hope) 1988-03-25, Rimini, Italy, entire show in audience shot video.!TFdXmKqJ!MA0Z8QqF4O8m ... Wf1SzOy0to
[updated Mar. 19, 2016. The above upload is a single video file in .mpeg format replacing the prior listing
here (obtained from a DVD rip shared via Dimeadozen site) which had the video broken up into 4-parts and in .vob format. This new upload has identical video quality & file size as the prior one.

"Opal" in 1988 (post-Kendra Smith, who left late 1987) had Hope singing. She'd replaced Kendra Smith
as singer in November 1987 after Kendra quit mid-tour in the U.S. In 1989 Opal changed their name to Mazzy Star.All 5 of these Opal personnel became long-time Mazzy Star members. At this Opal show, the band
plays four songs that would later be played at many '90s Mazzy Star shows. Shot by an audience
member, this video's fairly good quality for a non-professional video. I don't know
of any other videos of Opal from Hope or Kendra-era. Quite watchable/listenable.

-Opal - Ghost Highway (one song), 1988 studio recording with Hope on vocals:!rBEgQIQa!h2lN4HruhP5g ... uWhHZoTYLs
A different version of the song than appeared later on Mazzy Star's 1990 album. It's the only studio recording credited to Opal with Hope singing that has seen the light of day, so far as I know.
Thanks go to David Morgan (opalstardream) who found it recently on an obscure promotional (non-commercial) cassette issued by Rough Trade Records in July, 1988, a compilation of songs from 15 Rough Trade bands. The song was the title song to the then forthcoming Opal album "Ghost Highway," an album that was never released.

-Rain Parade - 1983-01-20 L.A., Anti Club:!mQ0wjLaB!UEnLDCJqikpO ... FOjPhccRek
Found at torrent site Upped there by Dime member kneesfudd. Good quality recording from 1st gen. audience tape. Rain Parade was a L.A. Paisley Underground band of the early '80s, David Roback's band prior to his forming Clay Allison/Opal.

-Rain Parade 1983-01-25, L.A., Music Machine, FLAC ... sp=sharing
Pretty good quality audio.

-Rain Parade - 1983, Oct. 12*, CBGB, NYC, FLAC ...
Ripped from an old vinyl L.P. bootleg called "Welcome to Paisleyland."
Good quality.
*Some believe the correct date is actually December 10, 1983.

-Rain Parade, 1983, December 2, Maxwell’s, Hoboken, New Jersey FLAC:!qJkwFAza!CkkO05dx7T4d ... kojGMcAgx4
Excellent sounding recording. A FLAC upgrade (as of Feb. 5, 2016) of a Rain Parade show previously findable in this Boots list in MP3 format. However, the prior recording found here was incorrectly labeled as being FLAC but in fact it was much smaller sized file in lossy MP3. So, this one's improved audio quality. It replaces the prior MP3 one. Thanks go to Dimeadozen .org members Guy_R_E and mjcrossuk for sharing it via DIME site. Ripped from a bootleg CD.

-Rain Parade 1984-09-18, Tropicana, Olympia WA, FLAC: ... sp=sharing
I believe David Roback had left the band by this time but they play many Roback-era songs here,
& it's a pretty good quality recording.

-Rain Parade - 1983 - Milwaukee, Century Hall, mono, MP3 ... Centu.html
Thanks go to opalstardream for supplying this file.

-Rain Parade compilation- rare 45s, demos, plus live tracks, MP3 ... sp=sharing
Thanks go to opalstardream for this file.

-Clay Allison 1984-03-16, Cathay, L.A., CA FLAC:!3ZlQ2AYK!qgA0NReIiHsd ... C8UiJypgLA

Clay Allison was an early name for the band Opal. They eventually dropped the name "Clay Allison"
in favour of "Opal". Kendra Smith was singer until Hope replaced her in Opal in 1988 after Kendra quit
the band. Opal's name was changed to Mazzy Star in 1989.

-Clay Allison 1984-??-?? McCabe's, L.A., CA, MP3: ... sp=sharing

-Clay Allison 1984-05-22, The Electric Banana, Pittsburgh PA FLAC:!rUckRRhR!WOSkUdMRL-MP ... HUn8_MBLuQ

-Clay Allison - 1984-05-24, Ann Arbor Michigan FLAC:!aRlHEB7K!i8ksXoHstg7N ... USQIrYRRvc
Pretty good sound quality, & aside from Kendra singing C.A./Opal songs, it includes a nice version of David singing a standout song, "No Easy Way Down" from his earlier band "Rain Parade."

-Clay Allison 1984-05-14, The King Kong Club, College Pk. MD ... sp=sharing

- Opal + Hope's early duo, "Going Home" opening for Opal - 1985-04-22 , Texas Records, L.A. FLAC: ... sp=sharing

Going Home's 4-song set includes "Give You my Lovin'," later to become a Mazzy Star song. It also includes Opal's 7-song set with Kendra Smith singing. This is an improved audio version in FLAC replacing, as of March 18, 2014, the prior file listed here that was an MP3.

-Opal (w. Kendra Smith) 1987-05-24, Santa Monica (updated version),FLAC:!LV1G2DKY!GtO7aYKjPV8g ... YKBCnHnezs
This was a Texas Records show at McCabe's Guitar Shop.
There were two shows on this date. Opal played short sets at
both the early & late shows. Opal was just one of a number
of bands/artists that played the shows. Other participants
included Michael Stipe & Peter Buck of REM, Natalie Merchant,
Steve Wynn, Russ Tolman, Downey Mildew, Love Tacos.
These Opal recordings came from a large file of the entire
two shows with all artists that was uploaded to
torrent site. Anyone interested in downloading the whole show
should check the Dime site. It comes up there in a search
of "Opal". I included two non-Opal songs 'cause Kendra
guest sings on them. "Too Little Too late" is Steve Wynn
& Russ Tolman with Kendra. Steve Wynn & Kendra were both in
the band Dream Syndicate some years earlier. ''Hear the Wind Blow'' is a duet with Kendra
& Natalie Merchant on an Opal song. In Oct. 2013 I updated the file by adding the Kendra-Natalie
duet which I learned via opalstardream was missing from the prior upload listed here.

-Opal 1987-09-17 (with Kendra Smith singing) SST Records BBQ, UCSD, San Diego CA, MP3:!jV93ga6R!_4HaDzl6gRom ... 9dBokInF08
The date of this show is corrected here. Previously it had an incorrect Nov. 1987 date.

-Opal - 1987-10-12 - The I-Beam, San Francisco, CA (w. Kendra Smith) FLAC:!3J8lDYhK!yWJelpRNgD6u ... DdXZchweM8
The date of this show has been corrected. It was previously is-identified as a Nov., 1987 show

-Opal - 1987-11-07 - Blacksburg VA, (w. Kendra),FLAC: ... g_VA_.html

-Opal - Happy Nightmare Baby (album) 1987 FLAC: ...

-Opal - Early Recordings, Vols. 1 & 2. Excellent out-of-print studio compilations of Kendra Smith era Opal originally released as L.P.s, & later, CDs:
Vol. 1 , FLAC: ... sp=sharing
Vol. 2 FLAC: ... sp=sharing
To Vol. 2 I've added, as of Oct. 2013, one extra song in MP3 that didn't appear on either of the ''Early Recordings'' Opal albums. It's Opal - If the Sun Don't Shine (an adaptation of Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd song Jug Band Blues). David Roback sings on it. It was originally released on a Syd tribute album called Beyond the Wildwood (1987)with many bands contributing songs. Thanks go opalstardream for the recording of the song.
Opal's 1987 album Happy Nightmare Baby has louder style music than Mazzy Star's mostly quieter sound
would have. But Mazzy Star's sound is partly a return to the quieter, melancholy sound found in early Opal/Clay Allison, pre-Happy Nightmare Baby. Kendra applied reverb effect to her voice as Hope would do later.
Thanks go to hanwaker for upgrading this listing from what was an MP3 version by sharing his FLAC version.

-Four 1980s Opal/Clay Allison e.p.s & singles collected together, here:!fYch0axQ!-3TLjDWGFYOh ... bS4s4cW4cs
Included are: Fell From the Sun (1983 single + 1984 ep), Northern Line e.p. (1985), Indian Summer (1987).
Nine song recordings all together. These same songs are also found on the "Opal - Early Recordings" vols. 1 & 2 CDs
(see above) but the vinyl rips are good quality, & sound a bit different from the CDs, & some may prefer their sound. Includes scans of records & sleeves.

-Rainy Day - by Rainy Day. David Roback's out-of-print 1984 L.P., FLAC
project of 9 cover songs with Paisley Underground L.A. musicians
including Kendra Smith, Susanna Hoffs, Vicki Peterson,Will Glenn, Steven Roback, Michael Quercio,
Karl Precoda, Mattew Piucci, Dennis Duck, & Ethan James. David produced, & is the only musician who
appears on all 9 songs. This is an improved version compared to the one originally listed here.
The 1984 release was a vinyl LP . This is a rip from the CD Rough Trade issued in 1989, in FLAC: ... sp=sharing

-The Suspects (Steve Wynn, Kendra Smith, Gavin Blair, Russ Tolman, Steve Suchil) compilation ...
The Suspects was a late 1970s-early 1980s band that had Kendra Smith as singer. Kendra and Steve Wynn later went on to form Dream Syndicate. In Dream Syndicate she was bass player and rarely sang. This is a massive compilation of The Suspect's one (1979) single, plus demos, and many recordings from 4 different live shows, + a 1979 video session, See page 13 in this thread for more info.

GOING HOME, 2 recordings:

-Hope Sandoval's early duo Going Home, studio demos, 7 songs, pre-1988, FLAC:!Cc8ARJiY!FlnCBrdsOjw1 ... TJrOaxi80I
Includes "Give You My Lovin' " written by Hope's duo partner Sylvia Gomez
that later became a popular Mazzy song, proving Hope wasn't the only talent in Going Home. This same recording was previously listed as Hope's solo demos c1990, as that's the description on the circulating file. Much more likely is it's in fact Going Home, not Hope solo. In Going Home, Sylvia played guitar while Hope sang.

-Hope's early duo, "Going Home" opening for Opal with a 4 song set including "Give You my Lovin'", plus Opal's set with Kendra Smith singing, April 22 '85 FLAC: ... sp=sharing
This same file is also listed in the Opal section (Kendra era) of the list (see above).
This is an improved audio version in FLAC replacing, as of March 18, 2014, the prior file listed here that was an MP3.

-David Roback solo radio appearance 1988-03-23 Rome FLAC: ... ome_F.html
I believe David was in town for an Opal show but did a brief radio show by himself with an
interview plus three abbreviated songs solo. He's unusually open &
talkative. He sings "Soon Be Home", a Pete Townshend song from
the Rainy Day album, plus what he describes as a newly written song sounding
something like Opal's "A Falling Star" with new lyrics, plus a 3rd unknown song.

- ''Opalescent'' - 2-hr. KRUU-FM radio broadcast retrospective of David Roback's musical career with music
from his bands Rain Parade, Opal, Rainy Day, & Mazzy Star broadcast May 2012, MP3: ... sp=sharing

-Kendra Smith solo L.A. 1995-05-31 live KCRW radio FLAC: ... CRW_-.html

-Kendra Smith solo 1998-04-17 Terrastock II FLAC: ... _Terr.html
I believe this was the last public concert by Kendra before she retired from music.

-Kendra Smith - The Guild of Temporal Adventurers 1992. Her out-of-print solo album FLAC: ... _Guil.html
Thanks go to hanwaker for this one.

-Suki Ewers - Kind of Hazy album, released 2008, now out-of-print, FLAC ... _CD_r.html
CD rip from David Morgan's (opalstar dream's) CD he shared.

-Suki Ewers (& band) 2007-09-28 live KXLU Radio L.A., MP3
"Demolisten" show, 6 song set: ... sp=sharing
The above file is an improved audio quality version of the same Suki show listed here previously
Thanks to hanwaker for supplying.

-Hope Sandoval: 3 new studio songs released in 2010 I put together into one file, MP3:
"Golden Hair" (Syd Barrett cover) single, including B-side
"Suddenly Beside You" (2010) + "The Buffalo", a bonus track found only on the Japanese version of the album
"Through the Devil Softly," released Japan Jan. 2010: ... y_Bes.html

-Hope's Collaborations FLAC:!XIVA3KSL!kI33g7b4WKtM ... Zu-RH21Wng
This improved (expanded) version (new as of Sept. 27, 2016) has 12 songs.
This is a file I put together, with help from Forum member hanwaker who kindly supplied some FLAC versions
of songs that were missing, of 12 Hope collabs. she recorded over the years with
these other artists: The Chemical Bros., Air, Bert Jansch, Massive Attack (2 songs),
Vetiver, Dirt Blue Gene, Death in Vegas (2 songs), The Jesus & Mary Chain (2 songs), Psychic Ills.
Hope sings on all songs, & co-wrote at least 6 (The two Death in Vegas ones, the two Massive Attack, the Bert Jansch and Chemical Bros. ones). It also has the song Not at All, which was released in March, 2013, with Hope singing w. Dirt Blue Gene (known as the Warm Inventions when, along with Colm O'Ciosoig, they are backing Hope). I'll guess Hope wrote or co-wrote it too.It sounds like a HS&TWI song.

-Hope Sandoval with Massive Attack - Paradise Circus VIDEO. Official video of the song released by the band Massive Attack, 2009. Hope co-wrote & sings it:
Forum member hanwaker shared this better quality video file. It's higher quality (though not in HD. It's 480 pixel height) than poorer quality Vimeo versions viewable online, which is why I'm adding it here. Warning: it's XXX-rated. See p. 8 in this Boots thread for more info. re the video; see p. 3 of the "Band(s) History" thread for a long post with info. & Hope quotes re. song & video;
& see p. 5 of the "Youtube Links" thread for info. re. my yt upload realted to the video.

-Mazzy Star & Opal (w.Hope) performing covers, + the originals: ... inals.html
The song files are mixed with some in FLAC & some in MP3.
A compilation I put together of 13 cover songs played by Mazzy Star & Opal (w.Hope)
together with the same 13 songs in recordings by the original artists. A prior file listed here had
11 cover songs. This is an updated version with 2 more (T-Rex, & Echo & the Bunnymen). They play cover songs by The Doors, The Who, Bo Diddley/Rolling Stones, T-Rex, The Velvet Underground, Arthur Lee, Echo & the Bunnymen, Slapp Happy, Green on Red, The Colours Out of Time, Nina Simone, & Memphis Minnie

Hope Sandoval with Acetone, 2017-11-15, L.A., Zebulon Cafe.
Hope sang a set of 3 Acetone songs at this Acetone reunion show. Tow uploads:
One of the entire 1.5 hr. show, including Hope's 23 minute set here: ...
The second upload is of Hope's set alone, but the folder also includes video clips from the show shot by fans and posted to Instagram: ...

-If anyone finds links here that don't work, let me know, & I'll try to obtain working links, or create new ones. I'll update the list on discovery of anything new to add, or if anything listed needs changing. Those who have shows not yet findable in this boots thread, or better quality alternate recordings of shows found here, don't hesitate to share them in the Forum, as surely "Worthwhile music's sharing (not hoarding)".

Re: Bootlegs List with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

PostPosted: Wed Nov 06, 2013 5:05 am
by Hermesacat
New addition, Nov. 5, 2013.
-Mazzy Star - 2013-11-04, Seattle, WA: ... eattl.html

I attended this show & this is my own recording. There are some sound issues (my fault) on a few songs but most songs are very well recorded. A bonus is the Seattle audience was appreciative & respectful of artists by being quiet instead of loudly talking through the set as too often happens in other cities at Mazzy Star shows. Hope's voice is excellent, better than in any 2012 shows I've heard, imo.
I've also upped the whole show to youtube here:

Re: Bootlegs List with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

PostPosted: Thu Nov 07, 2013 4:38 am
by MikeRMD
Hi Hermesacat,

Thanks for taping and sharing the Seattle show. I just finished listening to it on YouTube and it's great. I had written before that the band mostly don't tinker with arrangements much except for the title track from 'So Tonight That I Might See' and indeed they tinkered with that one to GREAT effect in Seattle. It sounds like only part of the band came out for the first couple of minutes or so, then David came out and then later Hope. You can hear the lyrics clearer in this arrangement than any other i've heard and it's a mind-blowing, almost religious experience for those of us who love Mazzy Star. What a way to end the show!

One quibble: let's not make people talking during concerts an American vs. Canadian thing. People were talking in Vancouver while HSATWI's were playing 'Charlotte' and so Hope left in a huff. This had far more to do with the venue in my opinion as i had written before that theatres are better than clubs for these bands. It's nothing to do with the size of the venue but the style. In theatres one is far more likely to get a respectful crowd vs. the boozed up partiers in clubs. The venue in Seattle was a grand old theatre that has a certain ambience and so people tend to behave well at such. Good for them as we have a great show to listen to!

Thanks again Hermesacat and thanks Emma for your timely starting of this site!

Cheers from Mike

Re: Bootlegs List with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

PostPosted: Sat Nov 09, 2013 5:24 pm
by Hermesacat
Another show from Mazzy's 2013 tour, San Francisco, Nov. 6 at The Warfield, has turned up at Dime torrent site here: ... ?id=471180

I've re-upped it to a file hosting site for those who prefer direct downloads, here: ... ncisco_zip
The SF show has the same 13 songs as the band played in Seattle, just played in a different order.
The sound quality's pretty good although some EQ adjustment can help it as Hope's voice has too much low end & not enough high end on it, imo. FLAC.

01 Look on Down From the Bridge
02 Cry, Cry
03 In the Kingdom
04 Lay Myself Down
05 Ride It On
06 Does Somebody Have Your Baby Now?
07Into Dust
08 She Hangs Brightly
09 Halah
10 Fade Into You
11 Blue Flower
12 Disappear
13 So Tonight That I Might See

Re: Bootlegs List with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, 2013 11:30 pm
by Hermesacat
Being focused on Mazzy Star's current tour has put me behind on getting some older recordings posted to this boots list. Here are some new (mostly vintage) additions:

-Mazzy Star - 2013, Nov. 13, Chicago, Vic Theatre:
From an upload to Dime by radiohead898
Good quality recording
The track listing is findable at another thread in the forum.

-Mazzy Star - 1994, June 18 - Bristol, at The Fleece: ... ristol_zip
From a Dime upload by whiskybob. He also upped two more Mazzy shows last month, both from Manchester, 1993 & 1994. I hope to up them to file hosting sites & post them at this list soon. I haven't even listened to them yet myself. whiskybob wrote at Dime that he has some other 1990s Mazzy shows he also promises to share via Dime. Here's the track listing for the Bristol show:
Give you my lovin'
Blue light
Bells ring
Hair & skin (Green on Red cover)
Ghost highway
She hangs brightly
Ride it on
Into dust
Flowers into December
So tonight that I might see
Let that be (a.k.a. Leaving on a Train) - (unreleased)

-It's a pretty good recording. To give it a letter grade I'd give it a B. Hope's vocals could be clearer & more prominent in the mix, but it's still quite listenable. David plays some really good psychedelic guitar on She Hangs Brightly, & So Tonight That I Might See.

-Mazzy Star - 1996 Supper Club, NYC, (Master Tape): ... upper.html
Contains rare 1990s live versions of some songs:
Track Listing:
01 Disappear
02 Be My Angel
03 Rhymes of an Hour
04 Umbilical
05 Ride it On
06 Into Dust
07 Flowers in December
08 Halah
09 Still Cold
10 She Hangs Brightly
11 Give You My Lovin'
12 Look on Down From the Bridge
13 So Tonight That I Might See
14 Take Everything
15 Cry Cry
This show was already findable on this list but by a different (unknown) taper. This is a different recording of the show, & comes directly from taper Scott Simpson's master tape. I upped this file to the Dime site a few
weeks back. Scott's kindly been sending me WAV files taken from his master tapes he recorded at Mazzy shows in the 1990s, & I've been upping them on his behalf via Dime & posting links here.
It's been a gradual project. Mercury Lounge 1994 is the last of five of his own Mazzy recordings yet to be converted to WAV from his masters. Hopefully, it will be next. There's already a pretty good version of his Mercury Lounge recording listed in this list, a rip from a bootleg CD. Scott used good gear & made some excellent recordings. He also has approx. ten other 1990s Mazzy shows on tape he received in trades that aren't on this boots list, & which I've not yet heard. With luck, they'll all come out eventually.

Re: Bootlegs List with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

PostPosted: Tue Nov 19, 2013 9:00 pm
by Hermesacat
Here are two more Mazzy shows upped via by Dime member Whiskybob.
I've re-upped them to file hosting sites for direct download.

Mazzy Star 1993, Oct. 21, Manchester, University of Manchester. ... ansfer_zip
(Hope's vocals are generally a bit clearer in this recording than on the Bristol one posted earlier. A quite listenable show)

Mary of silence
Ghost highway
Rock section
Bells ring
Give you my lovin'
Blue flower
Ride it on
Into Dust
Flowers in December
Blue light
So tonight that I might see
Mazzy Star, 1994, June 17, Manchester, University of Manchester: ... MIST_.html
(There are lot of audience chatterers at this show although they become less audible as the show progresses. Hope's vocals aren't so clear until the middle of the second song when the soundman must have adjusted the mix. She sounds much better, & the sound's good, after that).

Give you my lovin'
Blue light
Bells ring
Ghost highway
She hangs brightly
Ride it on
Flowers in December
Fade into you
So tonight that I might see
Hair & skin
Let that be
Blue flower
My Dime "editorial":
The site's great, but has drawbacks. Once a Dime user's share ratio falls & stays below 0.25 they get blocked from further DLs until they upload a new torrent file of their own, or re-up someone else's old one, to get above 0.25 again. Last I looked at the site's stats, fully 69% of registered Dime users were below the 0.25 ratio. It's far too easy to get stuck below that 0.25. Something's wrong with this picture. Plus, Dime torrents get removed if they haven't been DL-ed within 15 days, & it might be years, if at all, before someone re-ups them. Many of the audio files listed in this boots list originally came from Dime torrents, but most of those shows have disappeared from Dime's active torrents list & are no longer available there.
[Later update: It seems it's a lot easier to keep ones DIME share ratio healthy if one DLs files early on, when there's still demand for them, rather than weeks or months after they were first posted to DIME. Also, as hanwaker advised me, leaving ones torrent platform & computer on 24/7 helps a lot]

Re: Bootlegs List with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 24, 2013 3:59 am
by Yaz_Rock
I hope this link works too: ... ry_NY.html

Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions
October 12, 2009
Bowery Ballroom
New York, NY

01. (Intro)
02. Blanchard
03. Thinking Like That
04. Courtin Blues
05. Willow (cuts out/Hope leaves stage)
06. (Bouncer stage announcement)
07. (Intro)
08. Around My Smile
09. Charlotte
10. Roses
11. Trouble
12. Bluebird
13. Suzanne
14. For the Rest of Your Life
15. (Encore Break)
16. Satellite
17. Feeling of Gaze

Digital audience recording:
Edirol R-09HR recorder>Sony ECM-719 microphone.

Re: Bootlegs List with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 24, 2013 9:05 pm
by Hermesacat
Thanks Yaz_Rock for the 2009 Hope show link. Nice. I'll add your link to the main list above, along with your
link for the Nov. 20, 2013 NYC Mazzy show.

-A file of the Nov. 22, 2013 Philly show turned up at Dime: ... ?id=473148
Set List:
01. intro
02. Look On Down From The Bridge
03. Cry Cry
04. In The Kingdom
05. Lay Myself Down
06. Ride It On
07. Does Someone Have Your Baby Now
08. Into Dust
09. She Hangs Brightly
10. Halah
11. Fade Into You
12. Blue Flower
13. Disappear
14. encore break
15. California
16. So Tonight That I Might See

The sound's good, except for the prominence of loud talkers chattering during songs in places.
It may actually be the worst 2013 recording I've heard so far for loud talkers in the audience being so apparent
at times. I've re-upped the Philly show here:
for those preferring direct DL.

An addition: [The description below mostly comes from the video description I wrote at my youtube upload of this same file]:
Maybe it could be dubbed "Seasons of Their Rarities", a compilation I put together of every still unreleased Mazzy Star song I know of that the band played live at some point, including covers, but which has never yet been put out in a studio version, FLAC: ... _shows_zip

Track Listing:
1 It's a Shame (1990, Aug. 9, Woody's, NYC)
2 Where Did You Run To (originally played by Hope's early duo Going Home)
(1990, Aug. 9, Woody's, NYC)
3 (title unknown ["Bad Dreams Smile"?])(1990, Aug. 9, Woody's, NYC)
4 When You Were Young (a.k.a. Now That You're Gone) (2000, June 4,venue: Loppen, Copenhagen)
5 Leaving on a Train (a.k.a. Let That Be)(2000, June 4, Loppen, Copenhagen)
6 That Way Again (2000, June 4, Loppen, Copenhagen)
7 It Speaks of Distance (1994, March 17, CBGBs, NYC)
8 Plain Gold Ring (cover of a song best known via Nina Simone's 1958 version)
(2000, June 4, Loppen, Copenhagen)
9 Rock Section (The Colours Out of Time &/or Skin Patrol cover)
(1994, March 17, CBGBs, NYC)
10 Mona (Bo Diddley/Rolling Stones cover)(1997, March 23, The Mint, NYC)

Aside from the three cover songs, the titles to these songs may not be the true titles but rather tentative ones that might have been placed on them by tapers of live shows.

All these songs have appeared in uploaded files findable in this boots list previously but scattered across
separate uploads. I thought it would be good to collect all known unreleased Mazzy songs together into one compilation. I don't know why I didn't think of doing this sooner as it seems an obvious good idea now.

Btw, the song Rock Section, a cover, is often cited as originating with The Colours Out Of Time's 1981 single, but another band, Skin Patrol, reportedly performed it first, as early as 1979 at London club, The Bat Cave.

Also, the three 1990s recordings here from the Woody's show are improved quality here as they come directly from original taper Scott Simpson's master tape. Prior uploads of the same show came from recordings at least one tape generation removed from the original. Thanks go to Scott too for "It Speaks of Distance" & "Rock Section" from his 1994 CBGB's recording master. I don't know who the tapers are of the excellent Copenhagen 2000 show, or the 1997 one from The Mint, but thanks, who ever you are.

"Plain Gold Ring" here sounds significantly (wildly?) different from Nina Simone's version.
This Mazzy Star version could be considered a precursor to Hope's "For the Rest of Your Life", a song Hope included on her 2009 Warm Inventions album "Through the Devil Softly", as the music in the two songs has so many similarities. Hope's credited as songwriter on "For the Rest of Your Life" which suggests she may also deserve some credit for the rewrite of the music for "Plain Gold Ring".

Hope has been a long time Rolling Stones fan from an early age (her duo, Going Home she started in high school with friend Sylvia Gomez is named after an early Stones song title). It may be likely it's the Stones' version of Bo Diddley's "Mona" she first heard, which would make this Mazzy Star version a cover of a cover.

The song "Give You My Lovin' " which appeared on Mazzy Star's 1990 debut album is a song that, like "Where Did You Run To", originated as a Going Home song. Sylvia Gomez wrote "Give You my Lovin' " . I don't know if Sylvia also wrote "Where Did You Run To", or if Hope wrote it, or if they co-wrote it.

Re: Bootlegs List with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 24, 2013 11:30 pm
by Yaz_Rock
You're welcome, and thank you Hermesacat for all your work! I just spent the last two days downloading and burning to CD some of these gigs. I saw a few of them on tape/CD trading lists back in the 1990s, but I never had anything to offer up in return. I remember seeing someone selling The Other Sides CD for 20 bucks, and I passed thinking that was a lot of money back then. At some point I downloaded an incomplete MP3 version but it had some clicks and pops.So cool to have the real deal now.

I also never saw Mazzy Star live until this week (as I'm sure many people will also say). So it's been nice to have so much new Mazzy Star music this past few days! I love those unreleased live songs from the early 1990s, those I had not heard before at all.


Re: Bootlegs List with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

PostPosted: Tue Nov 26, 2013 1:33 am
by Hermesacat
Hey, it's a labour of love.

I upped your Nov. 20 NYC recording (here's the link for it you shared elsewhere in this forum in case anyone reading this missed it: ... r_20_.html )
to today here: ... ?id=473347
I think Dime makes people sign up (free) as members before one can read any
of their pages, including the above one (another Dime defect, imo. Because their pages can only be read by members it means their torrent listings don't come up in google searches. Not good, imo).
I cited your web site,
in the torrent description at Dime

Btw, was there another guy beside you also recording the NYC show who handed you his business card? I ask because Scott Simpson was there taping & wonders if it was you taping next to him. He's grateful now to have your (fine) recording as his unfortunately turned out poorly with portions of the show missing.
Scott's the guy who made five memorable 1990s Mazzy Star recordings starting way back in 1990. It's 23 years later, & he's still taping Mazzy shows! Good for him. His 1990 Woody's show is an early-Mazzy classic, imo, the best recording I know of from the 1990 tour, with the best recorded versions I know of of those early unreleased songs you mention. Mazzy didn't do another tour after that till 1993-4.

This 2013 tour was the first time I got to see Mazzy or Hope live too. (Much) better late than never. Seeing the band live whets my appetite to see more shows, & I wish I'd seen more than one this tour even though set lists are similar. Having a number of show recordings from the tour to listen to may be next best thing to being there in person. And Hope's singing's so good this year (much better than in 2012, imo). 2013 Mazzy Star sounds like 1990s Mazzy Star!