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Re: BOOTLEGS LIST with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

Postby Hermesacat » Sun Mar 02, 2014 3:15 am

Also, I belatedly got around to re-upping here: ... -11-2.html
the HD recording of Mazzy's Nov. 25, 2013 TV appearance on Jimmy Fallon's show that hanwaker cited earlier as being posted at by DIME member etherman. The band performed "California."

Previously, Forum member MKBN posted links for that Fallon show that are listed in the boots list. This is a higher quality video of just Mazzy Star's performance, not the rest of the show.
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Re: BOOTLEGS LIST with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

Postby Hermesacat » Tue Mar 11, 2014 12:21 am

Mazzy Star - The Black Sessions, live Paris, 1993-10-26 - Professionally recorded, & best version I've yet heard:
Many thanks to Forum member "jamband" for sharing his CD recording.

This appears to be an authorized release of the Paris radio station recording of 1993.The prior versions listed in the boots list are very inferior to this one & will be delisted & replaced with this one.
[Later update: Thanks go to Forum member dyerseve who brought it to my attention in another thread, the youtube links one, that although this Sangratte Records release appears authorized it's apparently actually a bootleg. Here's the link he provided with research on this: ]. But the most important thing is the sound quality's very good, better than versions I'd heard before. I've also upped the recording to youtube if people want to listen or preview it there. I'll paste the text that accompanies the uploaded file below:

Mazzy Star - The Black Sessions
Oct. 26, 1993
Session No. 38 recorded live at Studio 105, Paris, France
for a radio broadcast

Track Listing:

01 Mary Of Silence
02 Ghost Highway
03 She Hangs Brightly
04 Bells Ring
05 Halah
06 Blue Light
07 Ride It On
08 Into Dust
09 Give You My Lovin'
10 Blue Flower
11 Tonight That I Might See
12 Hair & Skin
13 Rock Section

Again, thanks go to Forum member "jamband" (Mark) for kindly sharing a CDR copy of his original CD of the Sangatte Records release of The Black Sessions I believe he found at a not-cheap price on ebay. Now, a lossless FLAC audio file of the recording can be shared via the Forum boots list. The prior versions of The Black Sessions listed in the boots list were lacking in audio quality. I'd hoped a better version might turn up. Now, thanks to jamband, we can enjoy a good quality audio version of The Black Sessions.

In this file I've included jamband's photos, front & back, of the CD cover.
Some other info. on it includes: "Les Archives des Black Sessions 1991-2011 Maison de la Radio, Paris, France," & ..."Sangatte Records, SANG 039 CD...Made IN EU...MMXII," & a website:

The Sangatte Records website gives this additional info. :

QUOTE: "What are The Black Sessions:

Black Sessions are performances of the live music broadcast on the French Radio station France Inter. These are recorded in front of a live audience and feature on a C'est Lenoir show. A French Radio DJ's name is Bernard Lenoir ("lenoir'' means "black" in English.
The first performance was in 1992 and since then many French and international artists have performed Black Sessions.
Bernard Lenoir:
Bernard Lenoir is a radio pioneer, a living legend, a discoverer of new talents in english, american and french rock/pop music. In the Black Sessions he invites groups that are for the most part relative beginners but who often go on to become references in the world of indie rock. Unlike the BBC’s Peel Sessions the bands play live, in one take and in front of an audience of 200 people.
The above sessions were released on a CD format as 'promotional releases' for mostly local radio DJ's in Europe and North America by Sangatte Records . The releases are in limited series of 2500.
For availability or/and an order please contact: ELANA Music Distribution, "
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Re: BOOTLEGS LIST with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

Postby Hermesacat » Tue Mar 18, 2014 5:33 pm

Two additions:

-Mazzy Star - 1994-05-21 - Mercury Lounge, NYC FLAC from Master tape. (improved audio quality):
The above recording's a FLAC version of a WAV file kindly provided by original taper Scott Simpson he made from his original master tape.This is fifth of five 1990s Mazzy Star shows recorded by Scott that have been added to the boots list from Scott's WAV files made from his original master tapes. Thank you Scott.

-Going Home (Hope's early duo) live. 4 song set opening for Opal + Opal's 7 song set at Texas Records, 1985-04-22 in FLAC (improved audio quality):
This FLAC file replaces the prior boots listing of the same show which
was a fairly mediocre audio quality 192kbps MP3.
The FLAC version turned up unexpectedly yesterday when I happened to check a mediafire (file hosting site) folder of "Manic D," a forum member of now defunct fan site Mazzy Star Boulevard. The folder link had been passed along to me by Forum member "creek," with Manic D's permission, in spring 2012. I must have seen the same file back then but without realizing it was a better quality version than the MP3 one I already had. So, if you're still around, Manic D, thank you. And the file's text shows it was Forum member hanwaker who shared the FLAC file via in 2009. Thank you hanwaker.
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Re: BOOTLEGS LIST with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

Postby Hermesacat » Wed Mar 26, 2014 3:46 am

-Mazzy Star & Opal (w.Hope) performing covers, + the originals,
corrrected download link: ... inals.html

In Oct., 2013, I listed here a new version put together with 13 Mazzy Star & Opal (with Hope) performances of cover songs, + all the originals by the original artists. It replaced a prior version from 2012 that had only 11 songs. Somehow the new description in Oct. didn't include the new upload link, & linked only to the old audio file of 11 songs, not 13. No one mentioned finding a problem, & I just figured out belatedly today the link was wrong.
The 4-shared one's the correct one. The two additional cover songs in the updated version are by T-Rex, and Echo & the Bunnymen, plus the originals. The file includes Mazzy & Opal (w. Hope) performances of songs by The Doors, The Who, Bo Diddley/Rolling Stones, T-Rex, The Velvet Underground, Arthur Lee, Echo & the Bunnymen, Slapp Happy, Green on Red, The Colours Out of Time, Nina Simone, & Memphis Minnie.
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Re: BOOTLEGS LIST with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

Postby hanwaker » Sun Apr 27, 2014 7:34 pm


i don't see the
opal 1988-04-09 hamburg
opal 1988-04-10 Amsterdam
on the above list
hamburg is still on dime ... ?id=449409

amsterdam had this txt file when uploaded to dime
APRIL 10 1988

Unknown recording equipment
1th generation analog cassette copy transfered by a Philips DCC 951 - coaxial - Sound Forge 9.0 - Flac6 - TLH - YOU

Dedicated to Hanwalker
Not the best quality, but a rare one !

Uploaded by songhunter, november 1 2009

001 Intro / Ghost Highway
002 Revolution
003 Magick Power
004 Killing Moon
005 Happy Nightmare Baby
006 Blue Flower
007 ?
008 Rock Section
009 ?
010 ?
011 ?

opal 1987-11-07 blacksburg
one dime member could finally date the show saturday nov 7th .. an old flyer from the venue was the clue
the berlin 88 is really 1988-04-12 an old german mag revealed this info

about dime:
torrents get deleted after 15 days of no activity (not 90 as you state)
dime is not meant to be an archive.. that is up to every member to create his own archive

GOOD news

as of writing i am uploading a lossless version of THE OTHER SIDE

@hermescat what i miss are the tracktitles it is 16 tracks can you help me out

once i have it up i will post a link to my dropbox and keep it there until i see that our archivist here tells me he has gotten it..NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE !! he can feel free then to upload it to a file sharing site as he pleases

... check the bootleg list.. it should be available thanks to hermesacat.. our intrepid songhunter

---on a side note that whole mp3 to flac of the b-side song is funny least the flac file still is lossy
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Re: BOOTLEGS LIST with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

Postby Hermesacat » Wed Apr 30, 2014 2:26 am

I DL-ed & am now listening to your upload of The Other Side in FLAC. It sounds excellent. Many thanks. I'll re-up it & list it in the boots list this week, & add your additional info. re. the Blacksburg show. I was just on DIME to find the Opal Hamburg 1988 show you mention as missing from the boots list. No one's seeding it yet. If you can re-seed that would great.
Re. the Amsterdam 1988 Opal show. If I can obtain a copy, I'll add it to the list too.
Thank you Uli.
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Re: BOOTLEGS LIST with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

Postby Hermesacat » Thu May 01, 2014 2:51 am

Here's a link to a re-upload of Hanwaker's The Other Side file in FLAC he generously shared: ... de_FL.html
A great Mazzy Star collection, nice to have in FLAC. Here's the track listing:
Mazzy Star - The Other Side,
B-sides, live tracks, & misc. bootleg collection.

1) Fade Into You (live)
2) Ride It On (live, acoustic)
3) Sometimes Always (live version, Hope's duet on JAMC song)
4) I'm Gonna Bake My Biscuit (Memphis Minnie cover)
5) Under My Car
6) Tell Me Now (from Batman Forever movie soundtrack)
7) Hair & Skin (Green on Red cover)
8) Tell Your Honey
9) Had a Thought
10) Flowers in December (edited [shorter] single version)
11) Sometimes Always (Hope's duet on JAMC song, studio version)
12) Ride It On (live)
13) Ghost Highway (live)
14) Blue Light (live)
15) Into Dust (live)
16) Bells Ring (live, acoustic)
Other info. re. this recording I read somewhere or other & am just going by memory on:
It may have come out as a bootleg compilation in 1999 based on a post I read at defunct fan site "Everything Mazzy Star" (still readable online in archived form). There was a post there dated I think 1999 describing "The Other Side" as a then new bootleg. I believe I also read at least some of the live performances included here came from the MTV live video, the one where the band is on a blue-lit, dark-ish stage. I think the video currently findable (at yt & elsewhere) of that set has the band performing just 4 songs, while "The Other Side" includes more than 4 live versions of songs. More info about the singles & promo issues these songs were collected from can be found in band Discographies at Mazzy Star Boulevard archives, wikipedia, & elsewhere.
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Re: BOOTLEGS LIST with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

Postby hanwaker » Sat May 03, 2014 6:59 pm


would you mind to post the setlist ?
and all the info to it----that (i suppose) you have ??

i do not want to download all of mine just to obtain the .txt file incl. setlist

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Re: BOOTLEGS LIST with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

Postby Hermesacat » Sun May 04, 2014 2:55 am

See my prior, now edited, post for the info you want re. "The Other Side."
I misunderstood you before, & was thinking you were saying I'd need to write up a set list for my own re-upload of the file, but didn't know you also needed one for yourself.
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Re: BOOTLEGS LIST with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

Postby Hermesacat » Sun May 04, 2014 4:53 pm

An addition to the boots list:
-Opal (with Hope), Hamburg, Germany, April 9, 1988: ... _logo.html
Sound quality's good, with mostly nice clear vocals from Hope where you can hear most of the lyrics she sings.
Thanks go to Hanwaker for upping the file to (which is where I obtained it from), & for the reminder it was listed at DIME. This comes from his text info from the file (7 of the songs are title-less/unidentified, although I've added "Rock Section" I ID-ed as track 5):

01 the killing moon [Echo & The Bunnymen cover]
02 magick power
03 revelation
04 forever and ever
05 [Rock Section (The Colours Out of Time/Skin Patrol cover)]
06 happy nightmare baby
08 soulgiver
10 (spliced@3:39... there still could be an overlap)
13 life's a gas [T Rex cover]
14 rocket machine
-encore 1- (21 mins of it)
16 the killing moon
17 soon be home [The Who cover]
18 real wild child
-encore 2-
19 heroin [Velvet Underground cover]
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