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Postby Hermesacat » Thu Jan 18, 2018 2:42 am

Added January 17, 2018:
Hope Sandoval with Acetone, 2017-11-15, L.A., Zebulon Cafe.
Hope sang a set of 3 Acetone songs at this Acetone reunion show. Tow uploads:
One of the entire 1.5 hr. show, including Hope's 23 minute set here: ...
The second upload is of Hope's 3-song set alone, but the folder also includes video clips from the show shot by fans and posted to Instagram: ...

01 Waltz (beginning of the song is missing), (from "Acetone" album, 1997), starts at 0:00
02 Things Are Gonna Be Alright,(from "York Blvd." album, 2000)5:20
03 All The Time, (from "Acetone" album, 1997) 11:08
04 Vibrato, (from "York Blvd." album, 2000) 15:26
05 Shobud, (from "Acetone" album, 1997) 21:30
06 Smokey, (from "Acetone 1992-2001" album, 2017) 29:03
07 Shaker, (from "Acetone 1992-2001" album, 2017) 35:17
08 Come On,(Jim Putnam guest sings), (from "Cindy" album, 1993) 43:30
09 Always Late, (Hope Sandoval guest sings), (from "If You Only Knew" album, 1993) 52:00
10 Pinch, (Hope Sandoval guest sings), (from "Cindy" album, 1993) 58:21
11 Louise, (Hope Sandoval guest sings), (from "Cindy" album, 1993) 1:04:46
11a [encore break] 1:14:01
12 I Don't Really Care, (from "If You Only Knew" album, 1993)1:17:11
13 Sundown, (from "Cindy" album, 1993) 1:22:52

Mark Lightcap: guitar & vocals
Steve Hadley: drums
Senon Williams: bass
Jason Yates: keyboards

Acetone's original front man and bass player Richie Lee committed suicide in 2001.
Lee and Mark Lightcap co-wrote Acetone songs together. Mark occasionally sang lead instead of Lee.
In 2017, Mark was Acetone's singer. Steve Hadley was Acetone's original drummer.
Williams and Yates are later additions to the band.

Jim Putnam (of Radar Brothers) guest sings on song 8, "Come On." Jim also played guitar on at least one 2016 release by Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions, the song "Isn't it True."

Jim Lee is the one who attended and recorded this show on his phone and generously shared it. I'm further sharing it with fans on his behalf. Thank you Jim!

There are several momentary "gaps" in a few songs where the songs suddenly jump ahead a second or so due to peculiarities of the phone's recording process.

Hope included Acetone's "Louise" in sets of her 2002 tour. Acetone's guitarist Mark Lightcap was part of her touring "Warm Inventions" band in 2002. I've upped two recordings of Hope
performing Louise in 2002, here: , and here:
[In an old Nov. 7, 2001 East Bay Express interview, Hope says she first had plans to work with Acetone way
back in the early '00s, QUOTE]:
"When I met Colm he was just getting into working with his band, The Warm Inventions," says Sandoval. "I was about to work with Acetone, but it just didn't happen. So Colm and his friends and I recorded a few songs together and it really just worked out well." Sandoval had come close to rolling tape with the slow-burning tones of the underrated Acetone, whose gifted lead singer Richie Lee committed suicide on July 23rd of this year.

"It's a real tragedy. I think they were one of the best bands. I was so excited about working with [them]," she says. "[Mazzy Star] did two tours with them and it was unbelievable. They mesmerized everyone; they're just amazing and beautiful people -- especially Richie. He was so talented."

Sandoval realized, however, that she wanted to make not just three or four songs but what she calls a "whole-sounding record." ... id=1066411
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Re: BOOTLEGS LIST with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

Postby Hermesacat » Fri Mar 09, 2018 9:50 pm

Hope Sandoval Compilation "ALBUM" of 8 SONGS NEVER RELEASED by Hope in studio versions. ...

These recordings are collected from live show bootleg audio. Six of the eight unreleased songs are
performances by Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions. Two are of Hope guest singing with Acetone
at a 2017 Acetone reunion show. There, Hope sang 3 Acetone songs originally recorded in the
1990s by Acetone, including "Louise." But instead of including Hope's 2017 rendition
I've included a 2002 HS&TWI recording of "Louise." 7 of these 9 tracks (8 unreleased songs, plus
1 "Bonus Track", #09, of a live version of a released song) are in lossless FLAC format.
The two tracks from the Acetone reunion show are in MP3 320kbps format as they were originally
"lossy" phone recordings. Thanks go to all tapers of shows for generously sharing their recordings
so other fans can hear these unreleased songs by Hope.
-Hermesacat (Bob B.).

I've also upped this compilation to youtube, here:

Track Listing:
01 Play With Fire (Rolling Stones cover), Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions, 2002-08-14, L.A., El Rey Theatre
02 Louise (Acetone cover), HS&TWI, 2002-08-14, L.A., El Rey Theatre
03 Silver and Gold (likely an unreleased HS&TWI original), HS&TWI, 2002-08-14, L.A., El Rey Theatre
04 Courting Blues (Bert Jansch cover), HS&TWI, 2010-05-24, London, Bush Hall
05 Not All Our Tears (likely an unreleased HS&TWI original), HS&TWI, 2017-10-18, Philadelphia, Theatre of Living Arts
06 Primitive (The Groupies/The Cramps cover), HS&TWI, 2017-10-18, Philadelphia, Theatre of Living Arts
07 Always Late (Acetone cover), Hope Sandoval with Acetone, 2017-11-15, L.A., Zebulon Cafe
08 Pinch (Acetone cover), Hope Sandoval with Acetone, 2017-11-15, L.A., Zebulon Cafe
09 Golden Hair (Syd Barrett cover), HS&TWI, 2010-05-24, London, Bush Hall.
This one is a BONUS TRACK (it's not an unreleased song). "Golden Hair" was released in 2010
by HS&TWI as part of a Syd Barrett tribute album by various artists called "The Madcap Laughs Again,"
and also as a HS&TWI single some months later in 2010. The song is a James Joyce poem set to music by Syd Barrett.
The track here is a live version.
-The HS&TWI band lineup for the 2002 tour (according to info at, plus a 2002 L.A. Press Telegram
article) was:
Hope Sandoval ... vocals, guitar
Colm O'Ciosoig ... drums
Raymond Richards ... guitar
Nicole Presley ... keyboards, [+backing vocals]
Mark Lightcap ... guitar
Al Browne ... bass

-The HS&TWI band lineup for both 2010 and 2017 was Hope + Colm + members of Irish band Dirt Blue Gene:
In 2010, the HS&TWI lineup was:
Hope Sandoval - vocals, glockenspiel, harmonica
Colm Ó'Cíosóig - drums, guitar, backing vocals
Dave Brennan - lead guitar
Charles Cullen - rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Al Browne - bass [On the 2017 tour Al also played some guitar]
Mick Whelan - keyboards
[In 2017, the band lineup was the same as in 2010 above except there was one less member as Charles Cullen
was not part of the 2017 tour]

-The band lineup for the 2017-11-15 Acetone show was:
Mark Lightcap - guitar, vocals
Steve Hadley - drums
Senon Williams - bass
Jason Yates - keyboards
[Acetone's original front man and bass player Richie Lee committed suicide in 2001.
Steve Hadley was the band's original drummer. Williams and Yates are later additions to the band.
Mark Lightcap co-wrote Acetone songs with Lee and occasionally sang lead instead of Lee. In 2017, Mark
is the band's vocalist. Note Mark toured as guitarist in Hope's Warm Inventions band in 2002 (see above). He co-wrote the 3 Acetone songs in this compilation. Hope has said she once had plans to collaborate with Acetone
on some music projects when Richie Lee was still alive way back in the late 1990s or early '00s but the plans didn't pan out]
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Re: BOOTLEGS LIST with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

Postby Hermesacat » Wed Mar 14, 2018 10:29 pm

March 14, 2018, added:
Mazzy Star, Compilation "ALBUM" - TEN NEVER RELEASED SONGS taken from live show bootleg recordings (updated): ...

01 Leaving on a Train (a.k.a. Let That Be. Its true title is uncertain, 2000, June 4, Copenhagen, venue: Loppen)
02 When You Were Young (2000, June 4, Copenhagen, venue: Loppen)
03 That Way Again (2000, June 4, Copenhagen. Its true title is unknown)
04 Plain Gold Ring (2000, June 4, Copenhagen, cover of a song best known via Nina Simone's 1950s version)
05 Rock Section (1993-10-26, Paris, The Black Session, radio studio. The Colours Out of Time/Skinpatrol cover)
06 Mona (Bo Diddley/Rolling Stones cover, 1997-03-23, The Mint, L.A.)
07 Candle (1990, Aug. 9, NYC, Woody's)
08 Walk in Dark (1990, Aug. 9, NYC, Woody's)
09 It's Over (1990-09-14, Cleveland, Babylon A Go Go. My tentative title. Its true title is unknown)
10 Where Did You Run To (1990, Aug. 9, NYC, Woody's. Originally played by Hope's early duo Going Home,
then by Opal with Hope, then Mazzy Star. It may not be its true title)

Seven of the ten songs appear to be likely unreleased original songs by Mazzy Star. The other three
(tracks 04, 05, and 06) are covers.

This upload will replace my earlier Mazzy Star compilation I had available for years. This new one has a "new"
old song that turned up in a 1990 Cleveland show recording (thanks go to Ray Sferra for sharing his recording
he made at the Cleveland show). Plus here's a different version of "Rock Section." "I'm Less Here" has been
removed as Mazzy Star has since released the song in a studio version as a single in 2014. Also, in the earlier
compilation there were too many long sections of in-between-song crowd noise I've edited out in this upload.

We learned the correct titles to tracks 02, 07, and 08 are in fact
"When You Were Young," "Candle," and "Walk in Dark" when a scan of a hand written set list used by Hope
on stage in 1990 at a Chicago show was shared at a Facebook fan group by the attendee who collected it from
the stage after that 1990 show. The titles shown on the Chicago set list identify three 1990 songs from this
compilation by cross-referencing audible lyrics to those titles. Previously, correct titles to those three
songs were uncertain.

Thanks go to Scott Simpson for recording and sharing the 1990 Woody's, NYC show. Scott's
Woody's show audio is the best sounding show recording from the 1990 tour I've heard. Three songs from
that show are included here. And thanks go to Ray Sferra for taping and sharing the 1990
Cleveland show. Track 09 here I've tentatively titled "It's Over" is from Ray's recording.
His is the only recording that exists of the song I know of, making the song recording a unique rarity.
I don't know who originally recorded the other songs but thanks go to all tapers of shows.
Without their initiative and generosity, fans wouldn't have these recordings of rare Mazzy Star songs
to know and enjoy.
I've also put this same compilation on yt, here:
-Hermesacat (Bob B.)

-The folder also includes lyrics to all songs, including my own transcription attempts of unreleased originals.
I'll reproduce lyrics to one song here, the "new" old one Ray Sferra's 1990 Cleveland tape contains.
I had another go at deciphering those lyrics. They're not easy to hear as Hope's voice is muddy/muffled. But with repeated listenings with EQ adjustments, plus using a slowed-down version of the recording (-20% speed) I created using Audacity (free) audio software, it was easier to hear each little sound of each line and word. Now I have a complete set of lyrics for the rare song. No guarantee the lines are 100% correct, but I think most are, and all are at least plausible!

IT'S OVER (or what ever it's real title is. My attempted
lyrics transcription from the Cleveland, 1990 show)

It makes us nervous
So what's the bother?
You hold a light when I walk you into town
It means it's over, while it's over
And I ain't someone to lonely my love
It's over, yeah it's over
You hold a rhythm
Two design
Kiss the future
As it takes you for a ride

All alone as I walk you down a path
Hold the night Babe, it's you and the past
Say goodnight, take goodbye
Walk and watch you, but you would rather show
Say goodbye, say goodbye

Your heart it spins
Just like a planet
You watch the tide go home-losin' high
Don't do pain, don't do pain

To watch the future, just ain't my style
What I was to gaze into your eyes
Which means it's over, life is over
I start to plan, is it known by now?
And you his hostage taker too, you
'Cause it's over, yeah it's over
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Re: BOOTLEGS LIST with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

Postby Hermesacat » Fri Mar 16, 2018 2:52 am

-Hope Sandoval with Acetone, 2017-11-15, L.A., Zebulon Cafe, VIDEO, FULL SHOW ...
Hope sang a set of 3 Acetone songs at this Acetone reunion show. Earlier, I posted links here (see above on this same page) for the audio of this show (+ separate short video clips). But this is the video version I upped to youtube with audio of the whole show but incorporating 9 short live video clips from the show synched to the audio. Plus there's one full-song video for one song, "Shobud." Where video wasn't available, still photos from the show and elsewhere are used. I believe the audio quality of this original is better than youtube delivers.
Also, here's the yt link for the whole show:
and another yt link for just Hope's 3-song set:
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Re: BOOTLEGS LIST with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

Postby Hermesacat » Sat Mar 24, 2018 7:39 pm

Added March 24, 2018:
Paradise Circus / Four Walls, mixes by Burial of two song collaborations of Massive Attack with Hope Sandoval ...

A limited edition 2-song vinyl release of 1,000 numbered copies was released October 2011.
These digital recordings come from lossless .wav files Massive Attack once made available via their official site (now out-of-print, I believe). I converted the .wav files to lossless FLAC files.

I saw a number of comments at Discogs site and elsewhere complaining the audio quality of the vinyl release was poor, and saying the digital version sounds much better.

The song "Paradise Circus" had previously been released in a different version by Massive Attack (with Hope) as a single in 2009, and as a track on Massive Attack's 2010 album, Heligoland. Massive Attack later enlisted Burial to do his own mix of the same song. Hope's vocals sound different on Burial's mix of Paradise Circus. Burial apparently used the same original vocal tracks but slowed down Hope's vocal while retaining the correct pitch. "Four Walls" had not been previously released prior to Burial's mix of the song.

Hope sings lead on both tracks. Burial also used samples of some other voices on the songs. Hope co-wrote both songs, writing lyrics and vocal melody. We know she co-wrote both partly 'cause some sites cite her as co-writer, and also 'cause that's the way she's said she works with Massive Attack. They send her a music track and she writes lyrics & melody and records it. She said in an interview there are a number of
other collabs she's done with Massive Attack (aside from "Four Walls," "Paradise Circus," and "The Spoils,") which have not yet ever been released. In the interview, she couldn't recall how many collabs she'd made with them, in total. In an interview from 2016, Hope said she'd never yet actually met the band members of Massive Attack in person.

Burial is the stage name of London electronic musician William Emmanuel Bevan.
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Re: BOOTLEGS LIST with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

Postby Hermesacat » Sat Apr 07, 2018 3:40 am

The Suspects, compilation (bootleg CD rip) ...
"Syndicated Dreams - Volume 11: The Suspects: Anthology "
The Suspects: Steve Wynn, Kendra Smith, Gavin Blair, Russ Tolman, Steve Suchil
The Suspects was a late 1970s-early 1980s band that had Kendra Smith as singer. Kendra and Steve Wynn later went on to form Dream Syndicate. In Dream Syndicate she was bass player and rarely sang. Later Kendra formed Clay Allison and Opal with David Roback with Kendra singing. Hope Sandoval would replace Kendra as Opal singer in Nov., 1987. Opal changed its name to Mazzy Star in 1989. "The rest is (Mazzy Star) history."

CD 1

The Single (Recorded at BSU Studios, San Francisco, 1979)
1. It's Up To You (2:56)
2. Talking Loud (2:21)

This page on ( ... se/1778208) has
the personnel for the single as:
Bass Guitar – Steve Suchil, Drums – Gavin Blair, Guitar – Russ Tolman, Vocals – Kendra Smith,
Written-By, Guitar, Vocals – Steve Wynn

Demos (Recorded at KDVS, The University of California, Davis, 1979)
3. You're Not the One (3:05)
4. Two For One (3:17)
5. Whatcha Gonna Do (3:56)
6. 19th Nervous Breakdown (3:43)
7. You're Not the One (2:43)
8. While You Sleep * (3:37)
* This demo is Steve by himself in the studio.
9. Bang a Gong (Get It On) (2:52)

Live 1979 (Probably in Davis, CA, exact dates and venues unknown)

10. Autopilot (2:39)
11. Talking Loud (3:16)
12. Still Life (4:52)
13. That's Not My Name (3:17)
14. Fool Around (3:40)
15. I've Got A Right (1:58)

Live at The Coffee House
The University of California, Davis, February 14, 1980
16. Talking Loud (2:29)
17. While You Sleep (3:25)
18. She's Got It Down (3:18)
19. Double Talk (3:11)
20. Two For One (3:28)
21. That's Not My Name (4:07)
22. It's Up to You (2:53)

CD 2

The Reunion Concert
The Coffee House
The University of California, Davis, May 8, 1981
1. Alle Morgens Parties (5:09)
2. Talking Loud (2:49)
3. Double Talk (2:53)
4. A Year Ago (3:20)
5. Bang a Gong (cut) (3:34)
6. While You Sleep (3:22)
7. You're Not the One (2:59)
8. Two For One (3:42)
9. She's Got It Down (3:59)
10. Twentieth Century Fox (3:57)
11. Girl From Ipanema (1:45)
12. A Better World (4:04)
13. Whatcha Gonna Do (cut) (4:34)
14. It's Up To You (cut) (2:21)
15. That's Not My Name (4:31)
16. Do Anything You Wanna Do (4:44)

Demo (Probably recorded at BSU Studios, San Francisco, during sessions for the single)
17. Make Something Happen ** (2:36)

Early (1978?) Live (Probably in Davis, CA, exact date and venue unknown)
18. Whacks Intact ** (3:46)
19. Can't Reach You ** (3:15)
20. Hazardous Romances ** (2:57)

** This stuff is of lesser sound quality.

As countdown to this all previous volumes will be seeded again during the next few weeks.

This show was distributed on the Steve Wynn Yahoo Group CDR tree as
Syndicated Dreams Volume 11. ... ams11.html
The Syndicated Dreams Series is organised by Jens Jakob Sørensen and is supported by Steve Wynn.

(master cdr => dBpoweramp => wav => FlacFrontend (level 6 - Align on sector boundaries))

First released January 2003

Cover by Fritz Weidner
Liner notes by Pat Thomas
Tapes provided by Jaap Bos, transferred to cd by Clinton Lawrence

Liner Notes:

Welcome to what has, until now, been the prehistory of Steve's career. I first heard of
the Suspects during my freshman year at the University of California, Davis, but didn't
actually see them until Fall Quarter of the next year, at a concert sponsored by the
excellent student-run campus radio station, KDVS (Steve, Kendra, and Russ were all DJs
at the station, by the way). At the time, they were the only band in Davis - something
that would soon change as Davis became a local haven for new wave bands, most of which,
like the Suspects, were formed by students.
I was hooked after that first concert, but unfortunately, the Suspects wouldn't last much
longer. Six months later, they had broken up, and Steve and Kendra had moved to Los Angeles.
But in the meantime, they released their single and played frequently in Davis, and I went
to see them whenever I could.

As you will hear, Kendra was really the dominant on-stage personality. Steve wrote most of
the songs (Russ wrote a few as well), but mostly stayed in the background when they performed.
The thing that really stands out in my memory as I listen again is how much fun they seemed
to have, and that translated to the audience as well. I don't think there's much in their
music that hints at the direction they would later take - at least not until the dramatic
opening of their reunion concert. That is one of my favorite Suspects memories - as I
recall, they played the first minute or two of "Alle Morgens Parties" in darkness - all
the lights in the Coffee House were turned off. Little did we know at the time how much
that foreshadowed the transition Steve and Kendra would soon make with the founding of
the Dream Syndicate.

Jaap Bos sent me the tapes this release was compiled from a few years ago when I found
out they existed and inquired about them (much to my delight). I want to make sure he is
properly thanked for preserving this part of Steve's legacy. They aren't perfect, but I
did include at least one performance of every song that exists on them. I apologize for
the defects, which include inconsistent sound quality and three songs from the reunion
concert cut a little short, but unfortunately, I think this might be most of what has
survived. I hope you enjoy listening to Steve's earliest work as much as I did 23 years ago.

Clinton Lawrence
Davis, California
January 20, 2003

By 1984, I was a massive Dream Syndicate and True West fan, so when I heard about the
Suspects, which "on paper" appeared to be a nearly legendary super group of Steve Wynn
on guitar, Kendra Smith on vocals, Russ Tolman on guitar, True West singer Gavin Blair
on drums, plus a bass player who I'd never heard of, I was determined to hear this band.
I thought to myself, this is the most exciting thing I've heard about since Steampacket
(mid 1960's first band of Julie Driscoll, Rod Stewart, Brian Auger, Long John Baldry,
and Micky Waller). But for anyone living outside of Northern California, the chance of
coming across their single was impossible. I begged Steve himself several times for a
copy of the single and he said "I'll never let you hear that band". Much later tapes
began circulating and by the early 90's Steve was kind enough to fork over one of his
final copies of the disc. Well, it's not as bad as Steve and Kendra both told me it was,
nor is it nearly as exciting as it appeared "on paper". At the end of the day it's
probably about as good as Steampacket. Here it is the folks, the Suspects joining a
long list of bands before they were famous: The Quarrymen, the Golliwogs, David Jones
and the Lower Third, the Neon Boys, the Sneakers, Giles Giles & Fripp, the Warlocks,
John Evan Blues Band, Timebox, and the High Numbers. Can you name what bands they later became?

Pat Thomas
Oakland, CA January 22nd 2003

[Thanks go to popular live show torrent sharing site member mjcrossuk who
prepared the above notes and upped this compilation to the Dime site which is where I acquired it.
I'm re-sharing it elsewhere. To the original file found at Dime, I'm adding a copy of a 1979 video session of the band
I downloaded from youtube, here:
Here's the video description from youtube, QUOTE: The Suspects: Live in Studio 1979.
Talking Loud/Working Proud / Make Something Happen / It's Up To You.
Steve Wynn (Guitar) * Kendra Smith (Vocals) * Steve Suchil (Bass) * Russ Tolman (Guitar) * Gavin Blair (Drums).
Steve Suchil tells " Seems the filmmakers were from a Sacto high school & we were filmed at their AV studio.
The filmmaker wanted to put it in local PBS. Unfortunately it never happened, instead, disappearing
from view until now."
The original folder had pics from the CD. I've added a few more pics, mostly screen shots from the video.
-Hermesacat (Bob Beatty)]
If you'd like to preview a song from this compilation, I've upped a live song recording from it to my yt Channel, here:

Steve Wynn has one live set of The Suspects, a recording from 1980 (Steve Wynn live at the Mabuhay Gardens) available for listening and free download from his collection he has up at
But the audio quality of that 1980 show recording is not nearly as good as the audio of shows from this compilation.
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Re: BOOTLEGS LIST with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

Postby Hermesacat » Wed Jul 04, 2018 8:07 pm

New addition:
-Mazzy Star, 2018-06-11, Sydney, Australia, Vivid Sydney Festival. Uploaded in two different formats, AAC/M4A and MP3. Take your pick.
AAC: ...
MP3: ...

Mazzy Star played three shows on consecutive nights, June 11, 12, and 13, 2018, at the Sydney Opera House for the annual Vivid Sydney Festival.

00 (Intro, band takes the stage)
01 Flowers In December
02 Ride It On
03 California
04 Lay Myself Down
05 Quiet, The Winter Harbor (an older song rarely performed live in past years that
belatedly got a studio version release in 2018 on the "Still" e.p.)
06 Look On Down From The Bridge
07 Blue Light
08 Disappear
09 She Hangs Brightly [2 audio sources joined, D.C.'s partial recording,
+ audio from a youtube video of the same song performance added to the end to complete the song]
10 Fade Into You [2 audio sources joined, D.C.'s partial recording,
+ audio from an Instagram video of the same song performance added at the beginning to create a more complete recording though it's still missing segments]
11 Halah
12 Blue Flower (Slapp Happy cover)
13 So Tonight That I Might See (this is the"Ascension Version" of the song found in a studio version on 2018 e.p. "Still")
14 Wasted
15 Happy (including encore break edited down from 4+ mins)
16 I've Been Let Down (encore), + outro
-Outro music played is the theme from the Granada TV series "Sherlock Holmes" (1984 to 1994) starring Jeremy Brett, followed by the Pink Floyd (with Syd Barrett) song "Jugband Blues."

17 She Hangs Brightly (alternate version) - this version is from David Cosgrove's audio recording alone. Track 9 above is David's recording of the song joined together with the end portion of a youtube video of the same song performance from youtuber Raoul Moutarde to create a complete recording of the song.
18 Fade Into You - (alternate version) - this version is from David Cosgrove's audio recording alone. Track 10 above is David's recording joined together with an Instagram video clip from sandra_bollocks of the same song performance to create a more complete version of the song, though it still has sections missing.

-The intro music played before the band takes the stage is "Sonny's Blues" by Gold Star
(stage name of L.A. musician Marlon Rabenreither).
I'm interested in Mazzy Star's and Hope Sandoval and The Warm Inventions' music used for intro, outro, and between songs at their shows, 'cause I know they choose such music themselves. I tried ID-ing the music played between songs too using Shazam music ID app, but it couldn't ID that music.

Band Lineup:
Hope Sandoval: vocals, harmonica, tambourine, glockenspiel, shakers
Daid Roback: guitar
Suki Ewers: keyboards, second guitar
Paul Mitchell: violin, second guitar, shakers
Josh Yenne: pedal steel guitar, second guitar-?
Paul Olguin: bass

Thanks go to David Cosgrove, member of the Facebook fan Group who attended and recorded this show and shared his recording. I'm further sharing it on his behalf.
He recorded it on his phone. The files he sent are M4A (AAC) mono (1 channel) in variable bit rate audio. My audio converter software doesn't seem able to convert mono files to new mono files. Instead, when converting mono files, I end up with files with two channels, i.e. fake stereo. This means my fake "stereo" files, in order to maintain the original audio quality, need to be twice the size of the original mono files because they have an unnecessary second channel.

With Audacity audio software, I made some small EQ adjustments to the original audio to try to improve the sound.
-Bob Beatty (Hermesacat)
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Re: BOOTLEGS LIST with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

Postby Hermesacat » Mon Aug 13, 2018 7:10 pm

Mazzy Star - April 06, 2012, Mystic Theatre, Petaluma, CA!3YFGWSSD!A0NXf7T2DAOx ... tfoQqxfzKY

[This is an improved, alternate audio-source recording of this show I acquired thanks to hanwaker alerting me to it and sharing it with me in 2018. The prior version I had and shared starting in 2012 has poorer quality audio. This one's best.]

01 Intro
02 Disappear
03 Blue Flower
04 Common Burn
05 She Hangs Brightly
06 Ghost Highway
07 Ride It On
08 Spoon
09 Fade Into You
10 Lay Myself Down
11 Flying Low
12 So Tonight That I Might See

Total Time: 65:46

This show was the first show Mazzy Star played since 2000, twelve years previous. This was first show of their 2012 comeback tour, a short tour of California only. Later in 2012 the band played a European tour.

This Mystic Theatre show is also unusual as it's the first gig pedal steel player Josh Yenne ever played with the band. He's played with the band ever since. But there's something else unusual and interesting to this story: Imagine meeting Mazzy Star band members by chance one day in a music store where you work and ending up playing with the band on stage at their local gig (in Petaluma) that same night. And then joining them for the rest of the same tour! Well, according to this article, that's how Josh suddenly joined Mazzy Star. ... nne?sba=AA

Also, this show has the only live recording I know of of the band playing the song "Spoon" live.
-Hermesacat/Bob Beatty
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Re: BOOTLEGS LIST with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

Postby Hermesacat » Sat Dec 08, 2018 10:28 pm

Dec. 8, 2018 added;

Mazzy Star, 2018, Nov. 1, Ventura, CA. I've made two different uploads of this show available. They are both in M4A (AAC) format. One is audio files + photos, here:
The other is audio files + photos + video clips from Instagram and Facebook, here: ... 2C%20CA.7z

at The Majestic Ventura Theatre, Ventura, CA
Ora Cogan was opening act.
Recorded at the venue by Facebook fan group member Menghan Wang. Thank you Menghan!
EQ-ed, etc. by Bob Beatty (Hermesacat)

01 Flowers In December 0:39
02 Lay Myself Down 5:45
03 Ride It On 10:15
04 Into Dust [the band ended it early] 13:39
05 Quiet, The Winter Harbor 15:27
06 Look On Down From The Bridge 20:34
07 She Hangs Brightly 26:05
08 Blue Light 33:50
09 Halah 39:56
10 Blue Flower (Slapp Happy cover) 43:44
11 Fade Into You 48:01
12 Disappear 54:05
13 So Tonight That I Might See 58:15
14 Bells Ring 1:07:34
15 Cry Cry 1:12:33
16 Rock Section (The Colours Out of Time cover) 1:21:04

Hope Sandoval: vocals, tambourine, shakers
David Roback: guitar
Suki Ewers: keyboards, second guitar(?)
Paul Mitchell: violin, second guitar(?)
Paul Olguin: bass
Josh Yenne: pedal steel guitar, second guitar(?)
Derek James: drums

There are mysterious, repeating fluctuations in volume noticeable on some songs.They appear on the original audio file. Cause is unknown. But audio on video clips from the same show don't have similar volume fluctuations so they must have to do with the phone recording somehow, rather than the venue's sound system.

The sound in the venue was reportedly not very good with too much booming low end and with Hope's voice and David's guitar de-emphasized in the mix. I made EQ adjustments as best I could with the end result sounding better than the original audio file. But it's not a perfect recording.

Also, I've upped audio of the entire show to my Hermesacat youtube Channel, here:

I believe this show was the first one the band played 'Rock Section" in 20+ years.
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Re: BOOTLEGS LIST with download links (Mazzy,Hope,Opal,etc.)

Postby Hermesacat » Fri Jan 11, 2019 2:27 am

Mazzy Star - 1996-11-22, Copenhagen, Denmark,
venue: Vega (Little Vega, the smaller of two halls). ...
Thanks go to member willer for sharing this recording there.

01. Intro
02. Disappear
03. Rhymes of an Hour
04. So Tonight That I Might See
05. Cry Cry
06. Halah
07. Ride It On
08. Flowers in December
09. Look on Down from the Bridge
10. Still Cold
11. She Hangs Brightly
12. Blue Flower
13. Give You My Lovin'
14. Umbilical
15. I've Been Let Down
16. Ghost Highway

NB! Support this evening came from Sparklehorse

Mazzy Star's performance at Little Vega, in Copenhagen, was an almost gothic experience.
The concert started a few minutes after midnight, and lasted about 75 minutes.
I haven't heard or seen anything like this before, Mazzy Star is just so much better live.
The audience was spellbound in what seemed like an fairytale with the most beautiful mermaid one can imagine, from another time or planet.
The Danish newspapers are filled with extremely good reviews. The words are so well-chosen that I will frame them, and keep them forever.
- Henrik Filskov (fan review)

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